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Central Reserve Police Force Training

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is a paramilitary force that plays a multifaceted role in India. It is deployed for a variety of tasks, including maintaining law and order, protecting vulnerable areas and VIPs, and fighting insurgents and anti-social elements.

Given the diverse and demanding nature of its work, the CRPF places a high emphasis on training. Training is imparted at various levels, including basic, promotional, and instructional/specialized courses.

Basic Training

Basic training is compulsory for all new CRPF recruits. It is conducted at Recruit Training Centres (RTCs) located across India. RTCs provide recruits with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective police officers.

Promotional Training

Promotional training is provided to CRPF personnel who are eligible for promotion to higher ranks. Promotional courses focus on developing the leadership, management, and technical skills required for more senior positions.

Instructional/Specialized Training

Instructional/specialized training is provided to CRPF personnel who need to develop specific skills or knowledge for their work. For example, personnel deployed to counter-insurgency or anti-terrorism operations may undergo specialized training in these areas.

The CRPF also has several training institutions that provide specialized training including:

SL NO. Type of Training Institution Name of Training Institution
1 ISA Mount Abu Internal Security Academy,Mount Abu, Rajasthan
2 CRPF Academy Central Reserve Police Force Academy,Kadarpur Gurugram-Haryana
3 Central Training College CTC-1 Neemuch,M.P.
CTC -2 Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
CTC-3 Mudkhed, Maharastra
CTC-4 Gwalior, M.P.
CTC(T&IT) Ranchi
4 Recruit Training Centre RTC Neemuch, M.P.
RTC Avadi,Tamilnadu
RTC Peringome,Kerala.
RTC Rajgir, Bihar
RTC Latur, Maharastra.
RTC Srinagar,J&K.
RTC Jodhpur, Rajasthan
RTC Amethi, U.P.
5 Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism School CIAT Silchar, Assam
CIAT Shivpuri,M.P.
CIAT Chittoor,AP
6 College of Information Technology CIT Bengaluru,Karnataka
7 Institute of IED Management IIM Pune,Maharastra
8 Dog Breeding and Training School DB&TS,Taralu, Karnataka

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