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Brief History

The Central Training College, Mudkhed was established in May 1994, with the specific requirement of the Force to train Directly Appointed Subordinate Officers and Ministerial Cadre, Group ‘C’ Hospital staff and organizing promotional courses for personnel of the level of Under Officers and Subordinate Officers besides some in-service and specialized courses also being conducted/run.

Vital Data






1 CTC-III Mudkhed The foundation stone of this Institution was laid by Shri S.B. Chavan Hon’ble Home Minister, Govt. of India on 05/04/1993 in the presence of Sh. D.P.N Singh, IPS, DGP and other officers of MHA & CRPF. This Institution is spread over 328.61 acres of land, plus 41.64 acres of land at Jambali. At the distance of 18 Kms from CTC Mudkhed. (Total 370.25 acres of land). CTC-III is located at Mudkhed Taluka in Nanded District.   CTC-III started functioning with effect from  1st Nov 1994 to train Directly Appointed Subordinate Officer’s and organizing & conducting of promotional courses for under Officer’s and Subordinate Officer’s of CRPF.
Shri P.C Joshi, Addl. DIGP headed the Institute as 1st Principal. In the year 2001 & 2002 CTC was adjudged as Best Training Institution in CRPF and won the trophy of Instructional Excellence. 14 Nos of DASO’s courses have been conducted from Sl No. 71 to 80, 84, 86, 87 & 88  and total 2088 Nos of trainee DASO’s have been passed out from this Institute. 25 No. of DASO’s (Ministerial)  course have been conducted from Sl No. 1 to 25  and total 1354 Nos of trainee DASO’s (Min) have been passed out from this Institute. Besides the basic training this Institute conducts various promotional and in-service specialized courses i.e Drill Instructor Course, Navigation Skill Course, Shooting Skills Course, Junior Leadership Course and Commando Course etc.
  Historical Significance of Place Sachkhand Gurudwara- In the 19th century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered the construction of this Gurudwara on the banks of river Godavari, Where Guru Gobind Singh breathed his last. This Gurudwara or the Sikh Temple in Nanded is popularly referred to as Sachkhand that is translated as The Realm of Truth. This is the farthest of the places in this travel guide. But it is a must if you are interested to see the second holiest places of Sikhism after the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Located 250 Kms south east of Aurangabad in Nanded, Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchal Nagar Sahib is spread over a large area and its inner sanctum, called Angitha Sahib, is where Guru Gobind Singh was cremated.
  Historical Significance of institutional Building In this related of buildings is not available nearby Nanded & Mudkhed
  Glance of History of any nearby Place MUDKHED & NANDED :
  • Marathwada region earlier was the part of Princely state Hyderabad Since 4th century.
  • Become district in 1956.
  • 0th  and last living Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji stayed in Nanded for 14 months.
  • Transferred the title of Guru to Add Granth as Guru Granth Sahibji.
  • Tourist places Mahur, Goddess Renuka Temple.
  • Dattatreya, Lord Parshuram Temple.
  • Kedarguda Temple in Hadgaon Lord Kedarnath.
  • Ancient Temple Gaitond (Mouth of Cow) in Hadgaon dedicated to Lord Shiva (Renovated & lost ancient identity)
  • Malegoan Yatra dedicated to Lord Khandoba. One of the biggest in South India (Animal fair).
  • Kaleshwar Mandir, Vishnupuri, Nanded- 40 Kms.
  • Sahastra Kund Waterfall – 79 Kms.
  • Nanded Fort – 23 Kms.
  • Isapur Dam  –  88 Kms.
  • Kandhar Fort – 57 Kms
  • Shri Siddeshwar Temple  – 29 Kms.
2 About US  
  Approach Route and Mode
  • CTC is located as Mudkhed which is 25 Km from Nanded city. The nearest railway station is Mudkhed Jn. 1.5 Km away and Nanded railway station is about 25 Km from this institution.
  • Mudkhed is well connected by railway & road from all the major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Bengaluru, Pune, Poorna, Mumbai etc.
  • Mudkhed is also well connected by road all major cities as Hyderabad, Nagpur Aurangabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nasik & Shirdi where plenty of buses ply to these cities, Hyderabad is at a distance of 275 Km and Nagpur is 329 Km from Mudkhed.
  Facilities for sports and training SPORTS:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi Gym
  • Basket Ball/Tennis court
  • Cricket/Football Ground
  • Volley ball Ground etc.
  • Firing Range (Small Arms)
  • Basic Obstacles
  • Advance Obstacles
  • 26 Ft wall for climbing & rapping
  • Heli slithering
  • Advance June Lane shooting System
  • Library & Study Room
  • Computer Labs
  • IED Lane
  Climatic condition
  • October to February (winter): Nights are mildly cold and days are pleasantly warm. All trainees are required to bring warm cloths to keep themselves warm.
  • March to June (summer): Days are warmer from March to April and nights are pleasant with normal temperature. From May to June the intensity of heat increases during day and nights are also hot. The temperature rises up to 48 degree Centigrade and beyond during this period. All trainees are required to bring normal Khaki uniform preferably cotton.
  • June to September (Rainy) : Mudkhed experiences extreme seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. The month with the most rain in Mudkhed in Mid-June to Mid-September, with an average rainfall of 8.1 inches.
  General Terrain The area presents undulating topography with uneven hills, plateau, gentle slopes and valley planes. Godavari river is the best source of irrigation.
  Flora and Fauna
  • Flora- Neem, Mango, Banyan, Keekar, Ashoka, , Nariyal, Jamun, Saal, Sagaon, Peepal and Sheesham etc
  • The following fauna are founds in campus and around of campus:-
    • Pet Animals : Ox, Cow, Buffalo, Dog, Cat, Sheep, Rabbit, Hen, Donkey, Pig, Goat etc.
    • Wild Animals : Monkey, Black Monkey, Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Wild Boar, Dear, Squirrel etc.
    • Birds : Parrot, Peacock, Crow, Eagle, Owl, pigeon, Sparrow etc.
3 Faculty Officer/Trainer: Profile of officer’s/ Trainer posted in Institute & Field of Expertise Brig. G.S. Reddy, SM, Principal Leadership & man management tactics & intelligence, logistics, weapons, counter insurgency &counter terrorist ops, commando trg.
Shri. Leela Dhar Maharaniya/ Chief Training Officer Tactics, Field engineering, Counter Insurgency Ops., IED, Stress Management, Mentoring & TOT
Shri Amit Sharma, DC (Trg) CI Ops, LWE, Intelligence, Internal Security
Shri. Deepak Kumar, DC (Adm) LWE, Intelligence, DTS
Shri Pradeep N., AC(Trg) Jungle warfare & Tactics, Drill, Yoga & Stress Management, Mentoring & Counselling
Shri Jaikey Kumar, AC (OC-HQr/Genl) Field Tactics, Urban Operations, Crowd Management, Stress Management
4 Officer Holding Key Posts Brig. G.S. Reddy, SM, DIG Principal
Dr. Lawrence Bando, DIG(Med) DIG(Med)
Shri. Leela Dhar Maharaniya, Commandant Chief Training Officer/Estate Officer
Dr. Amulya Kujur, CMO (SG) CMO (SG)
Shri Amit Sharma, DC DC (Trg) / QM/MTO
Shri. Deepak Kumar, DC Account Officer / DC (Adm)/Adjutant
Shri Pradeep N., AC AC(Trg)
Shri Jaikey Kumar, AC (OC-HQr/Genl)
Shri Purushottam Rajgadkar, AC (Min) AC (Min.)
Dr. Nilesh Kumar, AC/MO Medical Officer

Contact us

IGP, Central Training College, C.R.P.F, Mudkhed, Dist -Nanded, (Maharashtra)-431806

IGP/Principal Landline No 02462-299464 (O)

Commandant Landline No. 02462-299441 (O)

C/Room No. 02462-299441/ 8010746787

ctcthree(at)crpf(dot)gov(dot)in , ctccrpfmkd(at)gmail(dot)com


The campus is well established with all training facilities and healthy atmosphere. The multifarious facilities for better training to trainees are existed in this training institution are as under:-

  • Sufficient training areas and obstacles
  • I-FAT/I-SAT are also established for advance firing practice of trainees
  • Jungle lane shooting target
  • Proper build-up accommodation (Barracks)
  • Various Canteen facilities
  • Multi Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sufficient indoor/outdoor sports activities
  • ATM Service
  • KV School
  • Recreation Room/ Men’s Club
  • Medical Facilities


Following courses are conducted at this college :-

Sr. No. Basic Course Pre-Promotional Course In-Service Courses
1 Basic Training of Directly appointed Sub-Inspectors Inspector Promotional Course Drill Instructor Course
2 Basic Training of Directly appointed Sub-Inspectors (Signal) Sub-Inspector Promotional Course Map Reading Course
3 Basic Training of Ministerial Staff Asstt. Sub-Inspector Promotional course Operation Appreciation & Command Course
4 Basic Training of Para-Medical Staff Head Constable Promotional course Sniper Course
5 Basic Training of Departmental Entry Under Officers (HC/LDC) Weapon & Tactics course for (Technical/ Tradesmen) Yoga Course
Commando Course
Shooting Skill & Shooting Skill Advance Course
QMC for Ministerial Staff
Coy & Ops Writer Course
Navigational Skill and Navigational Skill Advance Course
Junior Leadership Course
Central Training College, Mudkhed is headed by a Principal of the rank of Inspector General of Police with following officers apart from subordinate officers and other ranks in the faculty:
Medical Officer 03
Commandant 01
Dy. Commandants 02
Asstt. Commandants/GD 02
Asstt. Commandant / Engg. -
Asstt.Commandant/Min 01
Asstt. Commandant/PS -