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Recruit Training Centre, CRPF, Neemuch which was raised on 01/08/1968 is one of the 8 Recruit Training Centres Functioning in CRPF. Apart from training the Recruits of CRPF, this Centre has also trained personnel of RPSF, NEPA, Cabinet Secretariat, Custom and Excise officers and various State Police also. Presently this institution is headed by Shri Ashok Samyal, DIGP/Principal and assisted by a team of dedicated officers, Subordinate Officers and Under Officers.


This institution is located at Neemuch which is also known asNimach (Nort Indian Military and Cavalary HQS ) is a Disstt HQ in M.P. It is Approximately 01 Kms from Neemuch Railway Station,and 03 Kms from Neemuch Bus Stand. Neemuch is connected byBus and train services. The nearest Airport is Udaipur Airport which is about 120 KM fm Neemuch. This institution is located in a campus complicity Central Trg Collage I, Neemuch, GC Neemuch , Range Neemcuh & HQ of 4sig Bn.

Postal Address

RTC, CRPF, Neemuch, Pin code- 458441 (M.P)

Pay and Allowances and Banker

Pay and allowances in respect of all recruits undergoing training in this Institution will be drawn regularly by their respective GC/Unit through ECS. Further State Bank of India, Tagor Marg, Neemuch, Code No. 1021 branch is situated in Neemuch.


Climate of Neemuch is moderate. The days are hot during summer but Evenings and nights are quite pleasant due to Malwa Breeze. Rainy season is from July to September. The winter is also moderate but light woollen i.e. Shirt Angola, Jersey, Pullovers are required.


Primary:- To condition a recruit in his physical capabilities. To train him in effective handling of various weapons being used by CRPF. To develop mental robustness, confidence and tolerance to with stand adverse operational condition. To develop his professional skill so as to operate individually and as a member of his section on joining the unit in field. Secondary:- To develop secular approach and make him a good citizen of the country. To develop his overall personality To develop him as an organizational asset. Daily routine:- There will be 44 weeks rigorous training. No training will be imparted on Sunday and Gazetted Holiday. Thursday will be treated as maintenance day in which training area, weapon and kit will be maintained.

Recreation/ Sports

A well equipped recreation room at Company level of recruits, library is also maintained in the Men’s Club of the Campus. To promote co-operation, good health as well as to boost the morale of recruits, intercompany competitions are being organized in this Institution i.e. Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Cricket and Hand ball. Games are compulsory for recruits as well as all ranks. All trainees will participate in organized sports and games. Inter companies matches are regular feature of the Institutes. Sports kit will be provided by this Institution. Those who perform well are also awarded cash reward. Apart from above, Best all rounder trainees, best out door trainees, best indoor trainees and best shooter will be awarded during the passing out parade ceremony to those recruits who stand best in aforesaid fields.


RTC, Neemuch is running a well stocked canteen which is backed by CPC. All essential articles of daily use and necessary uniforms and training items are always available. A wet canteen is also functioning which provides sweets snacks, bakery items, soft drinks, Tea, Coffee etc at discounted rates.

Modern Training Facilities

The following modern training facilities are available in the institution:- (IWESS) Infantry weapons effect simulation system: with this equipment, recruits conduct firing practice with weapons without actually firing a single bullet. Small Arms Simulator System: with this equipment recruit improve weapons viz Insas Rifles, Pistol, AK-47 Carbine etc. Multi Media Projector is used to show training films, recreational films to the recruits. Model Room: In order to give qualitative training, one Model Room is established in this Institution where recruits are shown different type of IEDS and how they function. Drill Nursery: There is Drill Nursery which is used by the recruits to improve different aspects of drill.. Fitness corner:- Recruits improves their physical fitness.


After completion of 22 weeks of basic training, recruits are sanctioned 2 weeks Mid Term break. Further no leave of any kind is granted to the trainees while undergoing training. Recruits who are required to proceed on leave after completion of training should get the leave sanctioned from their unit commandants before leaving for their units. No leave case will be entertained by this Institution except in emergency. Any absence from training for more than 7 days would result on relegation as per rules.

Medical Facilities:

Adequate Medical facilities are available at Composite Hospital, CRPF, Neemuch (M.P.). All necessary medical facilities will be provided through this Hospital. However all the recruits should come with medical fitness certificate


Sufficient Barracks are available in the institution for accommodation. As per capacity, recruits will be accommodated in these barracks.

Relegious Institution

All major religious institution like Temple, Gurudwara, Church and Masjid are available in the campus.


Wing/Company wise separate Messes are maintained by this Institution and all the recruits will dine in their respective Messes. All the recruits should deposit Rs 4,000/- as mess advance.


Discharge formalities would be the responsibility of respective Group Centre to which the recruits belong.


On completion of basic training, the recruits will be dispatched to their GC/Units for which collection party/escort along with blank railway warrants should be sent to this Institution by GC/unit concerned on hearing from us. Escort party would not be detailed from this institution under any circumstances due to paucity of manpower. However, advance information about dispatch of recruits will be given to the GC/Unit so that dispatch of escort party/ rail/reservation for return journey of recruits could be arranged by them well in time. All recruits must clear their dues before leaving the RTC. The clearance certificate duly signed by authorities concerned should be obtained before leaving the training centre. This Institution will arrange TPT for conveyance for recruits from the Campus to Railway station.


Recruits are not permitted to keep their families while undergoing basic training. All recruits are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. Recruits will strictly adhere to the order/ regulations of the Institute. Consumption of liquor, lending and borrowing of money is strictly forbidden. Trainees will be permitted to go on out pass on Sundays/Holidays only under a party commander after 22 weeks of training in rotation. They will be dressed properly while going out. The villages adjoining the campus and the residential areas inside the camp are out of bounds. Parents and relatives are not allowed to visit their wards while they are under basic training.

Uniform/ Store/ Equipment

All trainees should be fully equipped with authorized scale of uniform articles/ equipment as per the Training Syllabus of the Organization.


On receipt of advance information regarding arrival of recruits/trainees transport will be provided for their conveyance from Railway Station /Bus Stand to the Training Centre. Party Commanders on reaching the railway station can contact RTC, Neemuch Control Room on the following telephone Number for assistance. Control room , RTC-Neemuch ,CRPF. 07423-222749.


  1. Movement order
  2. Bio data particulars
  3. Latest medical fitness certificate
  4. Health card (shape-one )
  5. Opening of bank a/c with issue of atm card.

Further, Completion Of Following Documents In Respect Of Rts Would Be The Responsibilities By The Respective Group Centre

Complete the s-1 form service book (duplicate s/book) issue of pran no. Feeding of PIS data complete the nomination forms

Course Complete In 2022

01 RT/DVR/GD BASIC COURSE SL NO. 271 44TH 19/07/2021 04/06/2022 1323 67 1390 B/TRG COMPLETED
02 RT/DVR/GD BASIC COURSE SL NO. 272 44TH 07/06/2021 21/04/2022 88 - 88 B/TRG COMPLETED
03 RT/DVR/GD BASIC COURSE SL NO. 273 44TH 06/12/2021 18/10/2022 127 06 133 B/TRG COMPLETED
04 NAVIGATIONAL SKILL SL.NO.01 8TH 26/09/2022 23/11/2022 178 06 184 COURSE COMPETED
05 SUPPORT WEAPON & SPL. EQPT SL.NO.01 8TH 26/09/2022 23/11/2022 179 13 192 COURSE COMPETED
06 FC/TACTICS COURSE SL.NO.01 4TH 26/09/2022 21/10/2022 288 07 295 COURSE COMPETED
07 FC/TACTICS COURSE SL.NO.02 4TH 31/10/2022 28/11/2022 288 11 299 COURSE COMPETED
08 SHOOTING SKILL COURSE SL NO. 01 4TH 26/09/2022 21/10/2022 237 05 242 COURSE COMPETED
09 SHOOTING SKILL COURSE SL NO. 02 4TH 31/10/2022 28/11/2022 173 03 176 COURSE COMPETED

Course Run in 2022

04 RT/DVR/GD BASIC COURSE SL NO. 274 44TH 23/05/2022 FOURTH WEEK MARCH OF 2023 76 03 79 RUN
05 RT/DVR/GD BASIC COURSE SL NO. 275 44TH 25/10/2022 SEPTEMBER 2023 118 02 120 RUN
07 NAVIGATIONAL SKILL SL.NO.02 8TH 28/11/2022 21/01/2023 174 -- 174 RUN
09 SUPPORT WEAPON & SPL. EQPT SL.NO.02 8TH 28/11/2022 21/01/2023 209 03 212 RUN
12 FC/TACTICS COURSE SL.NO.03 4TH 05/12/2022 31/12/2022 229 02 231 RUN
15 SHOOTING SKILL COURSE SL NO. 03 4TH 05/12/2022 31/12/2022 166 02 168 RUN