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Kosovo Mission


A contingent of two companies of Rapid Action Force (RAF) comprising of 240 personnel were deployed in Kosovo from May 2000 to September 2005 to assist in its bid to resolve the ethnic crisis in Kosovo as Indian Special Police Unit (ISPU) under the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK).

Personnel and Training

The personnel for these contingents were selected from CRPF Battalions and RAF Units and were given extensive and specialized training on the pattern of RAF at 103 RAF located in Wazirabad (Delhi).

Kosovo Mission

Command and Tenure

Command and Tenure

Sr. No. Name of Contingent Commander Batch Duration
1 Shri J.S. Gill, Commandant 108 Bn RAF 1st 10/04/2000 to 14/04/2001
2 Shri Z.F. Khan, Commandant 104 Bn RAF 2nd 22/12/2000 to 13/03/2002
3 Shri A.M. Mauhammed, Commandant 105 Bn RAF 3rd 29/08/2001 to 14/03/2003
4 Shri K.K. Siva Prasad, Commandant 99 Bn RAF 4th 01/09/2002 to 14/03/2004
5 Shri H.R. Banga, Commandant 100 Bn RAF 5th 01/09/2003 to 02/09/2004
6 Shri K.C. Yadav, Commandant 103 Bn RAF 6th 01/09/2004 to 30/09/2005

Role and Duties

The contingent was mainly deployed in the capital Pristina and was occasionally deployed outside this area as per requirement. The role and tasks of SPU generally covered the following:

The Role and tasks of SPU generally covered the following:-

  • Providing protection and security to the UN officials, UN Civilian Police, UN Border Police, and Judges in the discharge of their duties.
  • Security duties at sensitive localities having mixed population including guarding of Airport, High Security Prison.
  • Providing of Operational support and backup to the UNIP.
  • Security of the region by way of extensive patrolling and familiarization exercise.
  • Guarding of vehicle Registration office for mobile registration unit & building at Film City.
  • Providing of assistance to Humanitarian agency like ICRC, UNHRC and other agencies recognized by UN if required.
  • Assist the activities of the ICTY.
  • Respond to threats to public order in co-ordination with KFOR.
  • Escort cash and provide close protection security duties.
  • Perform prisoner escort duty.


The Kosovo contingent had the following operational achievements:

  • Operation Black Hole: One platoon of SPU conducted this operation for 3 days from 16/06/2000 to 19/06/2000 on shift basis. The purpose of the operation was to provide security to Customs and Border Police officers for checking of vehicles at General Jankovie border (Macedonia). The operation was a great success. Mr. Gordon Mc. Rae, Director Operations, UNMIK Police MHQ presented a commendation letter applauding over all professionalism of Indian SPU.
  • Apprehension of Mr. Jahulla Prenqi: On 1/9/2000, one Mr. Jahulla Prenqi was apprehended along with one 7.62 pistol, 2 magazines and 14 rounds in Obilic area during the VCP/Foot patrolling duty.
  • Recovery of Yugoslavian Dinars: On 16/05/2001, one team of SPU deployed for vehicle check point duty near village Veternin Breg, Pristina recovered 2 Lakh Yugoslavian Dinars from Mr. Dejac Soyevic of Caglanica, Pristina.
  • Recovery of M-48 Rifle: On 3/6/2011, one team of SPU deployed for vehicle check point duty near village Laplje Selo recovered one M-48 Rifle, 350 rounds of 7.9 mm, one ammunition pouch etc. from Mr. Mikic Ljubinko a resident of Laplje Selo village.
  • Recovery of AK Rifles and Ammunition: On 6/6/2
  • On 3/6/2011, one team of SPU deployed for vehicle check point duty near village Laplje Selo recovered one M-48 Rifle, 350 rounds of 7.9 mm, one ammunition pouch etc. from Mr. Mikic Ljubinko a resident of Laplje Selo village.
  • On 6/6/2001, one Team of Indian SPU deployed for patrolling duty at Obilic Town recovered one AK Rifle with folding butt, another AK Rifle with bipod, 1009 rounds of 7.62 mm, 11 AK Rifle Magazines, 2 Grenade Launching Tube, 2 CP-6 Grenades, 78 Charger Clips and one unidentified grenade like object from a cemented manhole.
  • On 8/1/2002, about 50 frustrated passengers occupied the administrative office of the Pristina Airport and declared they would not leave it before they were granted a flight. These people were removed by use of Force and with the professional help of Indian SPU. The Team Commander of Border Police, Pristina Airport appreciated the action of handling the ‘mob’ with thorough professionalism by Indian SPU.
  • On 17/3/2004, wide spread violence erupted in Kosove. Mobs of Albanians attacked Serbians. They Damaged and looted their property and vandalized their religious places. A riot erupted when a crowd of 3000 persons gathered in the south of the ethnically divided town of Mitrovica. The UNMIK Police Station and its regional HQ were attacked. Clashes also occurred in other parts of Kosovo that day. Twenty eight personas lost their lives and 851, including 153 KFOR and Police personnel were injured. 270 houses were brunt and 80 damaged. 3226 were internally displaced. Two Plattons of the Indian SPU were detailed for crowd control at the Serbian village, Caglovica on the Pristina Skopje highway. A violent crowd of 10,000 protestors, carrying sharp edged weapons was in the process of overrunning Caglovica. On the orders of the Regional Operational Commander, Pristina, plastic pellets and rubber bullets were fired on the violent protestors in order to save lives and property. Six personnel of the Indian SPU sustained injuries. A large number of crowd control equipment and vehicles were damaged. Professionalism of Indian SPU was appreciated by the UN which awarded the contingent a commendation certificate.

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