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Overview of Rajgir

Name ‘RAJGIR’ came from ‘Rajagriha’ meaning ‘house of the king’ , ‘royal house’, or ‘the home of royalty’ the word Rajgir might have its origin in its plain literal meaning, ‘royal mountain’.

Rajgir (historically known as girivraj) is an ancient city and a notified area in Nalanda District in the Indian state of Bihar. The city of Rajgir (ancient Rājagṛha; pali: Rājagaha) was the first capital of the Magadhakingdom, a state that would eventually evolve into the Mauryan Empire. City finds mention in India's greatest literary epic, the Mahabharata, through its king Jarasandha. Its date of origin is unknown, although ceramics dating to about 1000 bc have been found in the city. The famous 2,500-year old cyclopean wall (cyclopean masonry) is located in the city. This area is also notable in Jainism and Buddhism. It was the birthplace of the 20th Jain tirthankarMunisuvrata and is closely associated with the Arihant Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Both lord Mahavira and lord Buddha taught their believes in Rajgir during the 6th and 5th century BC. The ancient Nalanda University was located in the vicinity ofRajgir, and the contemporary Nalanda University named after it was founded in 2010 at Rajgir. It was also through Rajgir that the Mauryan emperor Ashoka travelled to Bodh Gaya around 250 BC,

when placing the diamond throne (vajrasana) at the great temple where lord buddha attained enlightenment.

Rajgir has also developed as a health and winter resort due to its warm water ponds. These warm water ponds said to contain some medicinal properties that help in the cure of various kind of skin diseases. Another attraction of the region is the ropeway that leads uphill to the Vishwa shanti stupa (peace pagoda), Makhdoomkund, Sheetalkundand Japanese Temple of Buddha built by Japanese devotees.


Establishment of Recruit Training Centre –5 was approved by MHA on 14/09/2004 and Raised on 11/03/2005 at Haridwar (Uttarakhand). Due to non-availability of suitable land RTC-5 was shifted at Dharampur (HP) on 15/06/2005.

Later on MHA accorded sanction on 09/11/2006 for acquisition of 168.70 acre land at Rajgir, district- Nalanda (Bihar) for establishment of RTC-5. Then RTC-5 was shifted to Rajgir with its headquarters at GC, CRPF, Mokamaghat during may-2011 due to shortage of accommodation and lack of basic amenities at Rajgir location.

RTC Rajgir started functioning since 15/12/2016 at Rajgir. This institution runs basic training of the newly appointed constable of CRPF. In addition, as per direction of training directorate, various in-service and promotional courses of CRPF & basic training and in service courses of other state police is conducted by this Institute.


RTC Rajgir is situated at the prominent tourist place Rajgir, Nalanda (Bihar) at the foothills of Vaibhav giri range.

Geography & climate at Rajgir

RTC Rajgir is situated in the foot hills of Vaibhav giri, which is a part of seven hills range i.e. Vaibhav, Ratna, Saila, Sona, Udaya, Chhathaand Vipul. Rajgir has also developed as a health and winter resort due to its warm water pounds. Rajgir city is rich in flora and fauna namely Blue Bull (Nilgai), Deer, Rabbit, Monitor Lizard (Goh) and many other small animals and small spiky herbs and shrubs.

Summer Maximum 45°c &Minimum 20°c
Winter Maximum 28°c &Minimum 05°c
Rainfall 214cm (Annually)

Objective of RTC Rajgir

  1. This institution is mandated to impart basic training to newly appointed constable of various trades of CRPF.
  2. Conduct various in-service course and promotional course for CRPF.
  3. Basic training, in service courses & promotional courses of other state police personnel.
  4. To enable a recruit to acquire the physical and mental efficiency to perform his operational & administrative duty.
  5. To develop and maintain skills required for successful accomplishment of mission of the force.
  6. To make them professionally sound and competent in handling and firing of various weapons.
  7. To develop and maintain a motivated, disciplined and physically robust member of the force.
  8. To make dexterity in Foot drill, Weapon drill, Unarmed combat course (UAC), Field craft (FC), Battle craft (BC), Jungle war and Tactics (JW&T), Jungle survival capacity, Battle obstacle assault course (BOAC), Firing skill and Leadership.
  9. To develop the sense of belongingness and responsibilities towards the country and force.
  10. To develop understanding of organizational structure and culture of the force.
  11. To develop skill, attitude and the fitness required for effective till now their duties.
  12. We also train the recruits of state police and Inspector/Sub-Inspector and constable of Excise department.

Training and daily routine

  1. There is a rigorous basic training of newly appointed constable/constable trades man of CRPF with the duration of 44 weeks for CT/GD and 08 weeks for CT/Tradesman.
  2. In campus training remains off on Sunday & Gazetted holiday.
  3. There is ten periods in a working day including game period. The duration of One period is 40-minute and inter-period break of 5 minutes.
  4. There is 7 periods before lunch and 3 periods after lunch.
  5. Training is conducted as per training syllabus provided by training directorate .
  6. 15 days Mid-term break is given after completion of 22-week basic training .
  7. Indoor classes conducted on the subject of CRPF History, Act &rules, various types of manual, IPC, CrPC,and various types of laws about internal security, human rights, election duty, Navigational skill , GIS , tactics , field craft , Battle craft, field engineering, IED/Explosive, Etiquette Manners, personality development, case study, Mob Dispersal and knowledge of information technology etc. to perform the duty with perfection.
  8. Newly appointed Constable are trained about physical endurance training, obstacles crossing, handling and firing of personal weapon /support weapon /area weapon in the Presence of qualified and specialized Trainers.
  9. During the Outdoor Training Field Craft, Battle Craft, Tactics, Jungle Warfare, IED, explosives and Navigational skill classes are conducted on the basis of theory, demonstration, then practical training is conduct.
  10. 04-week jungle training including 01-week self-contained jungle survival exercise and various type of Field Exercise/ Operations like Establishment of Camp, Layout of Defence, PATROLLING, LUP, AMBUSH, COUNTER AMBUSH, MCP, CASO, SADO, RAID and other Operations are conducted and battle inoculation is also included in jungle survival training.

Authorized strength of Trainees in RTC Rajgir

This institution can accommodate 1500 recruits/Trainees at a time.

Required articles & Kit items for Basic Trg.

[a] Kit/Clothing/Stationery

All trainees are directed to bring all essential kit items, clothing, stationery and other important articles for training/course.

[b] Documents

  1. Preparation of service book, recruitment roll, initiation of verification of character /education certificate etc.
  2. Bank account with ATM/Cheque-Book.
  3. Preparation and completion of nomination forms/PIS Data/DCPS with form S-1 etc.
  4. This training center will not take the responsibility of completing above documents after arrival of recruits for basic training.

[c] The following documents must be sent along with the recruits

  • Movement Order
  • Health Card
  • Kit Individual Uniform Ledger
  • Recruits progress sheet (Affixed with resent passport size photo of recruits and duly Attested by Gazetted officer).
  • Risk fund passbook
  • Mess advance of Rs. 5,000/Cash.
  • 10Nos passport size recent photograph in uniform.

Reception and transportation

  1. On receipt of order from training directorate, respective Group Center/Units will ensure timely dispatch of all trainees.
  2. Date of departure of trainees should be intimated in advance to training Institution.
  3. Transportation will be provided to trainees by this institute from railway station Rajgir to RTC Rajgir.


In general leave is not granted during training/Course duration.

Medical facilities

  1. A professionally competent team of medical staff composing medical officer and other para-medical staff is available.
  2. A well-equipped MI room is available.
  3. In addition to this, medical facilities available at Govt. Hospitals viz. VIMS, PMCH, IGIMS etc. are being utilized as per requirement.


  1. Trainees are not permitted to keep their families while under training/course.
  2. All trainees should maintain high standard of discipline.
  3. All trainees are expected to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations issued by the principal, from time to time.
  4. Carrying, consumption of liquor, lending and borrowing of money etc. are strictly prohibited.
  5. Trainees are not permitted to leave the campus without permission of the competent authority.
  6. All localities outside the campus are out of bound, however the trainees will be permitted to go out with proper out pass under the supervision of Directing staff.
  7. In addition to above, any other orders/instructions issued by the principal will be strictly followed .
  8. Indiscipline cases will be dealt by the Principal of this institution suitably.


All trainees should bring sufficient money for their personnel requirement.

ATM of SBI and HDFC are available in this campus.

Out passis given to the trainees on requirement basis.


  1. After completion of training/course, the trainees are dispatched to their respective GC/Units.
  2. All trainees must clear their dues before leaving this institution.
  3. The clearance certificate duly signed by all concerned branch is obtained before issuing the movement order.
  4. Trainees have to intimate their departure programme well in advance so that transportation up to railway station/Bus stand could be arranged.