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The summer of 2016 presented one of the most formidable challenges for security forces in Kashmir, with the CRPF bearing the brunt. Following the elimination of a prominent militant leader, the region was plunged into a state of lawlessness, causing severe distress to the public. The escalating militant activities, combined with widespread unrest, pushed the civil administrative machinery to the brink of paralysis. Critical services, education, and public utilities were severely disrupted, and nefarious elements sought to exploit the situation to foster disillusionment among the masses, thereby deepening the divide between the people and government institutions.
Recognizing the need to provide an avenue for the public to voice their grievances, the idea of establishing a Helpline emerged. This novel concept leveraged the extensive presence of the CRPF, a highly professional force, throughout Kashmir, including even the most remote villages. Given its nationwide reach, the CRPF was well-positioned to help locals whenever and wherever required, alleviating the hardships faced by the common people. Additionally, this initiative aimed to facilitate a closer and friendlier interaction between the CRPF and the public, offering a promising approach to addressing the challenges of militancy in the region.
The CRPF Helpline, known as 'MADADGAAR,' was officially launched during an inauguration ceremony on June 16, 2017, at Tagore Hall in Srinagar, by the Hon’ble Governor of J&K. Operating round the clock,
Madadgaar Helpline

14411 (Toll-Free)

7082814411 (through WhatsApp )

Madadgaar[at]crpf[dot]gov[dot]in or crpfmadadgaar[at]gmail[dot]com


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