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About Us

About Us

Counter Insurgency and Anti-Terrorism School at Doyapore, Silchar (Assam) came into existence on 23rdFebruary 2005. The institution is located in sprawling cluster of small hillocks surrounded by beautiful picturesque tea gardens in Silchar, Assam. The CIAT School strives to inculcate high standards of professionalism, courage and dedication in the force personnel to fully prepare them to meet the challenge. This institute is a centre of excellence for training in counter insurgency and related aspects of jungle warfare.


Vital Data

Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism, School.

CIAT, School CRPF Doyapore, Udharband, Silchar Dist- Cachar (ASSAM )Pin code : 788030


CIAT School, CRPF, Silchar is located at Doyapore, Udharband, Silchar Dist- Cachar (ASSAM ) . It is located at a distance of about 20 Kilometres from Silchar railway station and 18 Km from Silchar Airport.


At Silchar, the climate is tropical by nature. Summer is hot, humid and interspersed with heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. Winter generally starts towards the end of November and lasts till February. Towards the start of the Mid-April rain clouds start covering the skyline.


The campus of CIAT School is having thin jungle with less undergrowth with hillocks. Cross-country move is difficult which provides suitable terrain for training. Sufficient infrastructure exists at the institution for training.

Head of Office Till date

Sr. No. Name of Officers Year
  Brig (Retd) K.S.Dalal 23/02/2005 to 25/01/2009
  Shri P.K.Biswas, DIG 30/01/2009 to 25/03/2011
  Shri S. S. Gohar, DIG 25/03/2011 to 25/04/2015
  Shri Sarbjit Singh, DIG 29/05/2015 to 16/01/2017
  Shri Manoj Kumar Dubey, IG 16/01/2017 to 09/02/2019
  Brig. G S Reddy (Retd.) SM, DIG 02/12/2019 to 14/07/2022
  Shri B. S. Gujral, IG

15/07/2022 to  31/08/2023

  Shri S.K.Mohanty, IG 19/01/2023 to  till now


1. Training

Till date this institute has imparted training to total 33,613 personnel.


  1. COBRA Pre-induction training 
  2. Pre-induction training for newly inducted personnel in N.E
  3. CIAT course for QAT of North East Region.
  4. HCPC (Promotional Course CT TO HC)
  5. ASIPC (Promotional Course HC TO ASI)
  6. SIPC (Promotional Course ASI TO SI)
  7. IPC (Promotional Course SI TO INSP)
  8. Support Weapon & Special Equipments course
  9. Commando course
  10. Navigational skill course
  11. CIJW course

2. Trophy

Consecutively, the Institution has been awarded "THE BEST INNOVATION IN TRAINING”Trophy for the year 2010 and 2011.

Aim and scope of course

To familiarize the newly inducted troops into the North east region with the operational culture, organizational purpose and ground level realities pertaining to the north east region specific.

Contact Us

8822940932 (C/R)