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Brief History

Counter Insurgency and Anti-Terrorism School-3, CRPF, Kalikiri,Annamaya has got sanctioned on 16 Jan 2014 to impart specialized training on Counter Insurgency and Anti Terrorism. After its raising at Group Centre, CRPF Avadi Campus Chennai (T.N.) on 15/09/2014, it was temporarily shifted to Ambikapur (C.G.) in August 2015 for imparting PI training to troops of LWE based Units. This Institution has finally shifted to its original KLP at Kalikiri (AP) on 11/5/2017 and accommodated in PF Huts. This Institute is in its nascent stage and infrastructure is coming up. Due to lack of required infrastructure for CIAT Course in this location, as per the direction of Trg. Dte. the following courses has conducted in this Institute from November 2018 to December 2021

  1. Basic Bugler Course - 02 Sl. Nos.
  2. Bugler Refresher Course - 02 Sl. Nos.
  3. Coy/Ops Writer Course - 04 Sl. Nos.
  4. QMC for Ministerial Staff Offline - 04 Sl. Nos.
  5. QMC for Ministerial Staff Online - 05 Sl. Nos.
  6. HCPC Sl. No 29 & 32 - Being TTH of SZ/SS.
  7. IPC Sl. No.20 – Being TTH of SZ/SS.
  8. Special TOT - Sl. No. 151 G
  9. CIAT for QAT (LWE units) - 01

After construction of BOAC and Small Arms Firing Range, CIAT Course for QAT of LWE Units has started to run in this Institution Since November 2021. Now CIAT Course for QAT of LWE Units and FC & TACTICS Course run regularly in this Institution.