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Modern Training Facilities

Following modern training facilities are available in the institution:

Smart indoor class

Well Equipped smart classrooms available to conduct various indoor classes as well as to show various training related video clips.

IED model room and lane

Institution has formulated an IED model room and lane as per the guidelines of IIM Pune. These are being utilized to trained trainees about various models/mechanism of IEDs as well as to give exposer of various potential sites where the enemy can plant IED.

Circuit PT

Circuit PT is also available in this institute to train trainees in Minimum space.

Tactical Park

Tactical park is also available in this institute to train trainees with platoon formation, section formation, physical features, field fortification, various types of targets, elements to recognize the North direction and wire obstacles etc.

Other Training Facilities

Apart from above mentioned facilities, following modern training facilities are also available in this institution viz. Swimming pool, Baffle firing range, Advance obstacle, Standard Obstacle etc. We follow the modern PT Protocol during physical training like warm up/mild stretching, dynamic stretching, specific stretching and complete warm-up to prevent injuries during physical training and cooling down exercise after rigorous physical training.

Computer Lab

Two computerLabare available in this institution for computer classes..