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Joining Instruction For Recruits Basic Training




                                                              This Training Institution initially started its function at  Pallipuram  w.e.f. December 1st, 1986 vide GOVT. OF INDIA, Ministry of Home Affairs Letter No. O.IV.4/86-Org ( CRPF ) FP-IV dated 22.10.1986.  RTC shared accommodation and training  'area with GC CRPF  Pallipuram. Govt. of Kerala allotted 275 acres of land, free of cost for establishing RTC at Perigome, Kannur District, Kerala which has been taken over on December 28th 2000. The Institution completely shifted to new location i.e  Peringome, Kannur and started its full fledge functioning wef 01/08/2007. This Institution is placed under the administrative control of Inspector General of Police (TRG).  


                                    The main aim of this institution is to provide highly disciplined, efficient and motivated soldiers to the force with proficiency in weapons, firing, and high endurance based on our motto: Siddhirbhavati Karmaja.


       RTC, CRPF, Peringome is located at a distance of about 21 Km from Payyanur Railway Station. All trains between Chennai-Mangalore, Trivandrum-Mangalore pass through Payyanur Railway station. Regular Bus Service from the Payyanur bus stand to CRPF Camp Peringome is available between 0200 Hrs to 1930 Hrs. and taxi service is available 24*7 to reach this institution.

  1.                                                                                                                   Principle/DIGP        : Shri Pauly P.P   
  2.                                                                                                                   Telephone/Fax        : 7306204042 ( Control Room NO )
  3.                                                                                                                   E-mail                        : rtcthree@crpf.gov.in,  rdcellrtcpgm@gmail.com
  4.                                                                                                                   Website                     : www.rtccrpfpgm.com,       crpf.gov.in/Training/Recruit-Training-Centres/RTC-Peringome


                 The role of this institution is to import Basic Training to newly recruited Constables.


                   This institution is situated in the lap of western ghats with very pleasing, calm and serene climate conditions which are suitable for imparting basic training to recruits. This place experiences heavy rains from mid-June to November. Days are very hot but evenings are refreshing with cool breeze from nearby sea.


                                      A well constructed 10 bedded hospital is available in this institution. and major cases are referred to Govt. Medical college, Pariyaram.


  1.                                                                                    a. Khel Khel mein sikhna.
  2.                                                                              b. Classes on personality development.
  3.                                                                              c. Yoga Classes.
  4.                                                                              d.  Conducting outdoor tour to know about cultural traditions of Kerala.
  5.                                                                              e. Development of writing skills by conducting essays, poems, competitions, etc.
  6.                                                                              f. Inculcate the Ethos of this training institution "Professionalism", "Patriotism" and "Pride in service ","Dedication", Devotion and Discipline-3 Ps and 3Ds.
  7.                                                                              g. Firing using the concept of A, B, C, D, E, F, G as in practice at NPA, Hyderabad.
  8.                                                                              h. More emphasis on GPS & modern technology-based training.
  9.                                                                               i. Extensis use of Drill nursery, Firing Lab, IED lab, Map reading lab etc.
  10.                                                                               j. Use of heli-slithering as part of BOAC.
  11.                                                                              k. In order to build soldierly skills in an enhanced manner the following facilities are available at this institution:-

                                                                                             (i). Various faculty houses like Drill, Navigation, Shooting skills,FC & Tactics, Support Weapon etc.

                                                                                             (ii). Various labs viz. firing skill lab, IED, Map reading, Computer to enhance the theoretical knowledge attained by practical classes in the aforesaid labs.

                                                                                             (iii). Availability of MFTS ( Multi fire target system ) for conducting application for like moving targets, snap shooting etc.

                                                                                             ( iv). Availability of Simulator hall to give real-life exposure to RTs prior to actual fire by service weapons. 

                                                                                              (v). Hindi language education for trainees from non-Hindi states is imported with the help of Orell in computer labs.

8. DOCUMENTS: -            

                                         Before dispatching trainees for course at these institutions- concerned  GCs should ensure completion of all-initial documentation as mentioned below-

  1.                                                                                               1.  Movement order
  2.                                                                                               2.  Adhar card Pan ,card or any valid identity proof.
  3.                                                                                               3.  Medical health card with least valid AME Report
  4.                                                                                               4. Nominal roll
  5.                                                                                               5.  Mess advance of Rs-5000/-
  6.                                                                                                6.  02 Nos Passport size photograph in uniform
  7.                                                                                                7.  KIUL 
  8.                                                                                                8.  Bank account with PMSP facility.


                                         a. On completion of course, the trainees will dispatched their respective GCs/Unit along with the collection party commander.

                                         b.All trainees must clear their mess dues before leaving this instn.

                                         c. The clearance certificate duly signed by all concerned branch.

                                          d. Transportation up to railway station is provided by this instn.


                                       a. All trainees should maintain high standard of discipline.

                                       b. Stocking and consumption of liquor is strictly prohibited.

                                       c. Trainees are not permitted to leave the campus without permission of the competent authority.

                                       d. No leave will be provided to trainees during training period ( except on excepting grounds).

                                       e. After completion of 22 weeks on successful passing in mid-term test, trainees will be sent on 15 days earned leave.


                                          a. Daily training schedule will comprise physical training , indoor classes, outdoor practice and game periods.

                                          b. On holiday weapon maintenance and training area shall be cleaned.

                                          c. There shall be 10 periods In a  working day including game period (10th period). Each period is of 40 minutes' duration with in an inter period break of 05 minutes.

                                          d. There shall be 02 periods before breakfast 05 periods before lunch and 03 periods in afternoon session.

                                           e. Training during night shall also be imparted according to the training syllabus and as per need.

                                            f. Test will be conducted according to test policy in additional to internal weekly tests.


SL No Kit Items  A/U Quantity
01 Anklet Web Pairs 02
02 Kit Bag Set 01
03 Barret Cap Set 01
04 Blanket Set 02
05 Boot Ankle (Black) Pairs 01
06 Canvas Pt Shoes(white) Pairs 02
07 Carries Water Bottle We Pat-37 Set 01
08 Durry Blue Cotton Set 01
09 Frog Synthetic Set 01
10 Haver Sack Synthetic Set 01
11 Jungle Hats Set 01
12 Mosquito Net Set 01
13 Pagree Yellow 4/2 Mtrs For Sikhs Only Set 01
14 Pouches Synthetic Set 02
15 Pagree Khaki 5 Mtrs For Sikhs Only Set 02
16 Shirt Khaki Twill/Cotton Set 01
17 Trouser K D Set 02
18 Socks( Woolen/Grey )  Pairs 02
19 Shorts KD (Male)  Set 02
20 Single White Set 03
21 Steel Truck Set 01
22 Towel Hand  Set 02
23 Belt Synthetic ( Black ) Set 01
24 Water Bottle Set 01
25 Terri cotton (Khaki)  Set 02
26 Terri cotton Trouser ( Khaki )  Set 02
27 Dangri Khaki Set 01
28 Stainless Steel Mug Set 01
29 Stainless Steel Plate Set 01
30 White Shirt/ Terricotton Pant Set 02
31 Pagree Mufti Blue Voil 5 Mtr For Sikhs Only Set 01
32 House Wife Set 01