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Dog Breeding And Training School CRPF, Taralu, Bengaluru


Dog Breeding & Training School (DBTS), CRPF is a premier institution in the field of breeding and training of Police K9s. The institution started functioning on 27th August, 2011 and the formal training of dog handlers with 15 pups commenced on 1st September, 2011. Breeding activities started with an initial stock of 6 dogs. The institution was formally inaugurated by the then Hon’ble Union Home Minister on 05th December, 2011.

The institution pioneered in training of Belgian Shepherd Malinois (BSM) and Dutch Shepherd dogs (DSD) as multi-tasking Police Service K9s, among security forces in the country.


The institution is located at a distance of about 25 kms south of Bengaluru city centre. It is 04 kms away from the town of Kaggalipura on Kanakpura Road, in Bengaluru Urban district, Karnataka. The Kempegowda International Airport is about 62 km away from the camp, while the KSR railway station is about 22 kms away.

Roles and responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the institution are to:

  • Train K9 teams as per various operational requirements in the Force
  • Breed BSM and DSD Police Service K9s (PSKs)
  • Create pool of skilled K9 manpower in the Force
  • Formulate various policies on K9 management
  • Act as the advisory body to field formations on K9 management
  • Maintain databank and to undertake R&D activities
  • Organise refresher training at operational training nodes
  • Organise K9 classes for basic/ in-service courses of the Force
  • Exchange ideas with K9 breeding and training centres of sister agencies
  • Train K9s of sister Forces and other agencies, as per directions of the Directorate General

Command structure

The institution is headed by a Principal of the rank of Deputy Inspector General, supported by a Commandant (Chief Training Officer), 02 Deputy Commandants, 04 Assistant Commandants, besides 03 Veterinary Officers, having a total strength of about 262 officers and men. The charge of Principal is presently held by Dr. B. Veerraju, DIG, PMG

Training and breeding activities


While the mainstay of DBTS remains training of dogs in multi-tasking roles, i.e, Infantry Patrol, Explosive Detection, Assault and Tracking, training in other trades is also undertaken as per field requirements.

The courses offered currently by the institution are as under:
Sr. No. Course Duration
1 Basic Dog Handler Course (Multitasking) 40 weeks
2 Basic Dog Handler Course (Tracking) 36 weeks
3 Basic Dog Handler Course (ED) 24 Weeks
4 Master Trainers Course 24 Weeks
5 Room Intervention Course 12 Weeks
6 Dog Training & Management course 12 Weeks
7 Breeding Practitioners Course 12 Weeks
8 Decoy Course 12 Weeks
9 Master Trainers Refresher Course 12 Weeks
10 Breeding Practitioners Refresher Course 08 weeks
11 Creation of Pool of Dog Handlers course 08 weeks
12 Puppy Foundation Training Course 08 weeks
13 K9 Refresher Course 08 weeks
14 K9 First Aid Course 04 weeks

As of June, 2023, the institution has trained and deployed over 1070 K9 teams. Over 100 Master Trainers including those from sister Forces have also been trained, besides 77 Breeding Practitioners, 22 Decoys and has trained a pool of over 550 personnel as Dog Handlers in the Force

DBTS has also trained indigenous breeds like Mudhol hound, Combai, Mongrel and Pandikona on pilot project basis and deployed in field areas.

K9 Breeding

With a modest beginning of 06 breeding stock of BSMs, the institution has so far bred over 1000 pups in 135 litters, including that of Dutch Shepherds

Achievements & Accolades

K9 teams trained at this institution have so far been instrumental in the recovery of over 5000 kgs of explosives, besides other recoveries, across various operational theatres of the country. For their operational achievements, K9 teams of the Force have been decorated with 17 DG’s Commendation discs. K9 Zubaan secured first position in explosive detection in National Counter-IED exercise ‘Agni Shaman IV’ held at NSG, Manesar in 2019.The institution has received ISO 9001: 2015 certification in quality management, besides FICCI award for Smart policing in 2018.

The Principal

Dog Breeding & Training School, CRPF P.O-Taralu, Kaggalipura Distt. Benagluru Urban Karnataka. PIN-560116




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