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Flora And Fauna

Due to deforestation, there has been a steady decline in the wildlife in the district. In ancient times the forests were dense and a good number of animals could be seen. There is a national park in the district where a good number of animals can be seen. The following animals are still found- Nahar tiger (Felis tigris), Tendua-panther (Pelis paradus), Ladya jackal (Cummins orens), Hyena (Hyena strata), Bear, Sloth bear, Sambhar (Carvas unicolor), Pig, Wild bears (Sus chryslatus), fox (Vulpes bengalenenis), chinkara (Gasles benetii), blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra) and langur. The main birds are the Shikara Hawk, the Common Crow, the Commons Gray House Ko and all the Black Crows rival the Green Pigeon, the Gray Jungle Bird, the Peacock-Peacock, the Jungle Bush Bwell and the Bustard Quail.

The tree species commonly found in the district are Khair, Kardhai, Dho, Salaj, Tendu, Pal, Mahua, Kar, Curry, Saja, Koha, Jamun, Saj, Dhaman Kaim, Semal, Tinch and Amaltas. The normal height of the trees is 15 m to 20 m from and the circumference is 40 cm to 50 cm.