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  1. To choose the CRPF Institute/Location for establishing the Pioneering CRPF Divyang WarriorsSkilling/Re-Skilling Centre.

  2. SELECTION CRITERIAS for Divyang Warriors of CRPF to qualify in attending the Skilling/Reskilling Centre at Rangareddy.

  3. To Screen, Counsel/Guide/Motivate and Rehabilitate our Divyang Warriors.

  4. Develop Training Programmes and Prepare Guidelines for Assessment, Supervision, Monitoringand Time period for the same.

  5. Enable them to select and impart training in various IT skills, AI, Open Source IntelligenceImpart training for vocational courses in various skill viz. Music, Compering, Painting,Orchestra, Anchoring etc. and get them certification from reputed Institutes.

  6. To select interested and eligible Divyang Warriors to participate and train in various Para-Sportsand once inducted can evolve to training to compete.

  7. To Develop Accessible and Barrier Free Accommodation & living conditions, Accessible toilets/washrooms etc according to the level of disability and rank.

  8. To provide accessible & barrier free transportation with necessary Modifications.

  9. To Develop a Health/Fitness Care system to address their health problems/provide them with best medical support and expertise like Limb corrections/Artificial Limbs/Equipments. Provide

  10. Mental and Psychological Training including Prosthetic/Orthotic guidance and Physiotherapy to adapt to their Physical Challenges etc.

  11. To make Guidelines for detailing relevant/responsible Committees/Working Staff and Budgetary provisions for initiation, structural set-up, MOU’s with NGO’s/Not for Profit Organisations etc, hiring of skilled personnel’s/trainers from other organisations/NGO’s etc, accountability andsmooth functioning of the Divyang Warriors Skilling and Re-Skilling Centre.