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Making Of An Officer

CRPF Academy is imparting training and grooming the future leaders (Assistant Commandant) of the Force since 1961. The Academy is focused to train officer with a mind-set that the young leader be confident with tactical , physical, professional competency to face and take the decisions in all situations. CRPF Academy is dedicated to mold and groom a civilian into a soldier, gentleman and an officer. Peace and security in every country plays very important role in development and progress .CRPF Academy nurture the future leaders of the force to lead his team from the front.


CRPF Academy has been carved out of Internal Security Academy to impart basic training to the Directly Appointed Gazetted Officers (DAGOs) and other specialized organisational, national and international courses. Foundation stone of the academy was laid on 23rd March 2002 by the then Union Home Minister Sh. L. K. Advani. The Academy came into existence on 1st September 2009 which is also celebrated as rising day of the Academy. Let Brilliance Emerge out of our endeavor "TEJSVI NAVDHITMASTU" The motto of CRPF Academy is taken from Kathopnishad meaning "Let the Brilliance emerge out our endeavor.

The insignia of the Academy embodies this vision. The crossed swords in the insignia is the symbol of "Shakti" (power), the open book with burning flame of light is the sign of knowledge and wisdom for service with loyalty and the olive leaves denote peace.

Academy endeavors to ignite creativity and collective wisdom to inculcate appropriate organizational ethos among trainees. To promote human competence the Academy strives to evolve holistic approach. The efforts are value driven, ethical and operational orientation is based on intelligent use of tactics, physical endurance and patience to achieve goals.

The real test of leadership is not if your men will follow you in success, but if they will stick by you in defeat and hardship. They won't do that unless they believe you to be honest and to have care for them.Field Marshal Slim Academy has the experience and expertise in conducting training which encourages trainees to polish behavioral and attitudinal skills for challenging roles in internal security management. Taking clue from empirical findings, followings are emphasized at Academy-

  • Putting trainees through basic concept ,practical situations to simulate better response.
  • Recording and showing of training activity to trainees to find fault by themselves.
  • Computer based training videos before each outdoor lessons.
  • Demonstration of important activities, since maximum learning is caused by role models, seeing the execution of tasks.
  • Positive reinforcements.
  • Participate approach for deeper impact and to prepare them as a trainer.
  • Experiential learning for better impact and communication extremists intrinsic.
  • Sustainability and usability of learned KSA( knowledge, skill and attitude).
  • Open interactive approach with case studies and realistic professional scenario.
  • Buddy system to encourage strong affinity, peer learning and as force multiplier in ops.


One of the spectrum of internal security challenges has necessitated that the commanders are to lead the troops from the front. This means that the success depends on the superior physical ability, tactical appreciation and capacity to endure hardship of battle field. 50 weeks training schedule is designed in very scientific manner and training is imparted by best trainer’s f the force who are specialist in different fields. They are categorized into different wings such as Drill, PT, WT, Firing and Sports.

The familiarization of trainee officers to the ground realities of outdoor began with the orientation week. The trainee officers are exposed to Physical exercises, Drill, BOAC, UAC, routes marches, Endurance run (long distance), BPET, weapon training, sports, firing/field firing etc. Tactical exercises have become very important to tackle the threats posed by extremists groups. Thus trainees undergo various tactical exercises like, cordon & search, ambush/counter ambush, raid, patrolling, emergency drills and search & destroy operations in which they plan and conduct the operations in stimulate scenario after briefing on Eye sketch, sand model, SOI Map and satellite imaginary. Trainee officers are also familiarized with the latest weaponry and equipment which is being inducted in the force. Survival and battle inoculation exercise is conducted in which trainee officers are introduced to the ground realities of battle field scenario in the form of explosion of bombs/shells/grenades.


Good shooting skill is vital for soldiers. For man in uniform the weapons are considered to be extension of his hand. Academy, having rich resources like Full bore shooting range and 25/50 meter back to back baffle ranges is comfortably making the trainees sharp shooters. New tactical approach towards developing firing skills is experienced very frequently. The electronic targets, portable targets which provide positive reinforcement of shooting immediately have been procured and open to all trainees to hone their skills.


The Academy has developed one of the rouged and realistic obstacles with first hand Heli slithering experience akin to battle theaters where we are fighting the extremists. Smart negotiation of obstacles multiplies the assault impact. With

That motto the trainees develop confidence to make toughest terrain as their ladder to success.

Adventure and Confidence Building

The trainee officers are also imparted training in Rock Climbing, Swimming, Horse riding and, Study tours of other prominent Academics with a view to develop as all-rounder and LWE tour to understand the ground reality. These varied exposures are their strength which enables them to quickly shift and adapt to variety of duties which CRPF is supposed to perform from anti- naxal appreciation to rioting in J&K or communal riots to election duties.

Jungle Exercises

During Jungle Training trainees are trained in worst conditions facing difficult situations and hostile environment. They are primarily trained in jungle craft tactic and survival. They are specially trained to enhance their mental toughness in hostile conditions. Initial phase is about imparting theoretical knowledge of basic field crafts and tactics Demonstration and practical exercises. Second phase of training comprises of complex theater'based on conduct of anti-extremists operations. Third phase is of longs survival in jungle in which trainees self-contained in all respect moves out to face rigorist of jungle and hostility of enemies breaks their all routines including biological and are subject to terrific simulations of battle fields. In jungle they follow the principle of making the nature work for you rather than against and at the end this exercise start believing in the proper difficult we do at once the impossible takes little longer.

Personality development with club and co-curricular activities

A new chapter has been added to the annals of the Academy with the inauguration of various clubs namely, Environmental Club, Law Club, Literary, Debating & Writers Club, Cultural Club, Photography Club, to help the trainees in bringing out their latent talent and histrionics. Learning the languages is also part of this curriculum to make every trainee officer comfortable in understand & speaking at least the languages i.e. Hindi, English and one regional languages where the forces are deployed. Trainees are given ample opportunity to improve their expression of speech. Regular interaction with eminent faculties conducting workshops with Psychologist and behavior science expert guide the trainees in improving personality.

Literature, Debating and Writer Club (ABHIVYAKTI):-

Trainees at Academy need to be developed in communication skill and critical thinking on professional subjects as well as social themes. Therefore, the literary and debating society "Abhivyakti" was launched on 4th August 2010. The club provided a platform to the trainees to elicit their talent. Understanding and expression of viewpoints, on matters of professional significance got a fillip. To focus on diversified aspects of personality three sub groups within the club were formed. They are literary club, debating cum awareness club and writer's club. True to the motto of Academy this club helped in the brilliance emerging out of endeavor. The club facilitated professional outlook to the trainees on many contemporary critical issues. Trainees are pursuing literary events with great verve and enthusiasm. Club channelizes their energy for gaining in-depth knowledge, analytical skills and logic along with oratory/ presentation skills.

Photography Club (PRATIBIMB)

Live a moment and preserve it for eternity. With this motto the photography club of CRPF Academy - Pratibimb was inaugurated on 27th August, 2010. Photography is a boon to our civilization. Before the discovery of such a medium, human civilization was devoid of any method of visual recording or retrieving the achievement, momentous and nostalgic moments of life and what was only left was a memory of only who would survive the times.

The assistance of photographs is of great help in the administration of Criminal Justice System. Law Courts recognizes photographs as a substantive piece of evidence. Prima facie what is being seen in photograph is apparently believable unless the same is tempered with or doctored by some experts to convey other than the truth. However, the onus of proof shifts from the prosecutor to the alleged perpetrator to dispel the doubts. Further photographs are also used as corroborative evidence to collate and corroborate the story.

the Cultural Club of acadeny (PARWAZ)

To develop the creative potential in the officers the Academy has a cultural society. The officers are having lots of hidden talents and desire to artistically express themselves which will enrich their life. Every month such activities are conducted on different theaters. The art and music, drama, plays etc. are the best media to express themselves and enhance the extra universal activities. The goal of PARVAZ is to promote and organize Cultural Programme / Nights/Dramas by the Trainee officers and foster better relationships in society.

The cultural club also provides an arena for the meeting of all the varied cultures of India, which is one of the significant features of CRPF. The Force is constituted by the people of different regions and languages having diverse backgrounds and faiths.

The Law Club (LEX CORPUS)

Law, the word is generally construed as some set of rules which restricts, restrains and prohibits individuals to do or act in a certain way. This conception of the word is not completely true as law is also something which liberates permits and guides individuals into certain set of environments in which the maximum good for the mass population can be achieved.

In a simple way one can explain law as setting the rules of the game before you start the game. What is game here is the working of a civil society. Every individual feels that he should have certain liberties which he/she asserts in the form of his/her rights. But to ensure that one is able to enjoy one's liberties and assert its rights, someone has to perform his/her parallel duties so that the conducive conditions could be created wherein the liberties could be enjoyed & the rights could be exercised. Therefore, law is a great enabler which harmonies the co-existence of rights and duties of individual which could guide in an environment where in the fullest development of one personality and collective well being of the society can be achieved. In this background the LAW CLUB OF CRPF ACADEMY- the LEX CORPUS was launched on 25th September 2010.

Tarumitra The Environmental Club of of CRPF Academy

Environmental initiatives are very important for our sustenance and inclusive growth. And formations of environmental clubs are usually a way to spread information about environmental issues and can be a source of organizing, cleaning up areas, forestation and improvise the natural ambiance to enhance our effectiveness in life in all fields.

As a government official our responsibilities are more. It is also one of the tool of ensuring community service and recreational activities. Recreational because if you create, construct or nurture something which becomes a very fulfilling to your heart, your soul?

In the realm of vast world, full of disasters and unforeseen calamities, there lies genuinely a proactive group of talented, enthusiastic, esteemed trainees for doing a lot for general awareness, maintenance and upkeep of green belt in the CRPF Academy. Tarumitra, the environmental club of the academy was inaugurated on 05-06-2015.

Recent Introduction and Innovation

  • Circuit PT on SSEA i.e. Systematic and Scientific method to improve physical capability in trainees with specially designed programs on stressing stretching Strengthening , Endurance and agility (SSEA).
  • Initial Practice of PT, Drill on kachcha track.
  • 400 mtr sand track for initial running Bench marking training activities
  • Regular dry practices / Musketry on weapons to improve firing skills
  • Various Drills during firing practice to understand & improve firing skills Realistic firing practices.
  • Introduction of one minute drills in various general today activities of administration.
  • Specially designed module for IT, INT, IED, Management and Leadership, Languages Skill.
  • Adventurous of sports- Heli slithering, Equestrian, Rock Craft, Cycling etc.
  • Introduction of new games- Wusu, Rugby, Water Polo, Judo by experts of Central Sports Teams of CRPF.

The trainees start learning at academy with discipline of life, physical strengthening through various innovative module of PT, knowing about what is importance of uniform and accouterments, importance of drills, science and art of drills which culminates in tactical learning in jungle camp. In indoor subject they learn about various acts and rules of law, management and administration of company, enquirers and about their duties and role of CRPF.

Academy as Growth Center

For professional value addition amongst officers of all ranks in CRPF, the Academy is ambitious to March ahead to become growth center. Professional value across the globe and good practices are immediately replicated with required modification. Anti-terrorist assistance programme through BPR&D and sponsored by US government and seminar / workshops on societal themes are being arranged at Academy. In near future we are endeavoring to undertake Research and Development in training fields in a big way.

Focus on special needs in Internal Security Scenario

  • Officers are oriented towards fighting own people and not consider them enemy.
  • To have human and civil face directed towards strengthening the hands of the civil administration
  • Winning Hearts and mind of people wherever we are deployed.
  • Rule of engagement will be use of minimum force, avoid collateral damage and guard against provocation.
  • Gender sensitization
  • Continuously strive towards training and developing men under their command
  • Officers to be repository of professional knowledge and an example to their men in professional and personal life