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In 1961 Government of India conducted recruitment of four Directly Appointed gazetted officers for CRPF through Union Public Service Commission. Basic training was conducted at Mount Abu which was called as C.P.T.C.

Later on from 1966 to 1975 the training of CRPF officers was held at CTC-I Nimach (M.P.). On 1st February 1975 the Internal Security Academy was established at M/Abu and training of 14th batch DAGOs was conducted then. However due to increase in the strength of trainees,training of 24,25 batch was again conducted at Neemuch and 31 batch at Pinjore. Till 2002 the force had added 141 Bn and 85 establishment ever since its raising. It was constantly engaged in tackling internal security problems. The developing situations in the internal security scenario had acquired complexity requiring professional handling. In keeping with the demands of the emerging complex situations the Force had grown in numbers and in terms of modernization of weaponry equipment and transport. All this had made the requirement of an Academy a necessity which should be a Centre of Excellence for training the officer cadre of the Force, in the areas of basic, in-service and promotional, national and international level training. This was a long cherished dream, which became a reality on 23rd March 2002, when the foundation stone of the Academy was laid by the Hon'ble Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of the Country Shri L.K. Advani, at Kadarpur in district Gurgaon, Haryana. in OCT 2005 ,training of 37th batch DAGOS started at this academy. Since then the academy has continuously nurtured the future leaders for C.R.P.F

The Academy envisages to impart knowledge and power to serve the nation with loyalty for protecting peace and dignity of people. The insignia of the Academy embodies this vision. The crossed swords in the insignia is the symbol of "Shakti" (power), the open book with burning flame of light is the sign of knowledge and wisdom for service with loyalty and the olive leaves denote peace.

The CRPF Academy since its inception in the year 2005 has traversed towards excellence each moment of its 10 years, developed into a wonderful world class Academy. Every single member of CRPF Academy since its inception has nurtured this institution.

The Academy is in continuous endeavour to update and revise the academic inputs to keep pace with the ever changing ground realities of national and international challenges particularly With the growing complexity of internal security scenario. The Academy regularly update the training curriculum in a scientific manner and reorients the same to the ever changing needs of the field works. The Academy is a "Centre of Excellence" for imparting training to Directly appointed gazetted officers (DAGOs),who are future leaders of the force.