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About KK Sector

In the aftermath of relocating the Key Location Point (KLP) of the Eastern Sector from Kolkata to Bengaluru, the sector underwent a name change to become the Karnataka-Kerala Sector. According to the directives outlined in Directorate General Order No. O.IV-11/2016-Org.DA.IV, dated 12/07/2016, the Karnataka-Kerala Sector officially commenced its operations at the GC Campus in Bengaluru on 24/08/2016.

The Karnataka-Kerala Sector holds administrative authority over 1 Administrative Range in Bengaluru, 2 Group Centers (GC Bengaluru & GC Pallipuram), 10 Administrative Battalions (33 Bn, 58 Bn, 78 Bn, 109 Bn, 127 Bn, 143 Bn, 144 Bn, 165 Bn, 170 Bn, 240 (M) Bn), 02 Composite Hospitals (CH Bengaluru & CH Pallipuram), and the Dog Breeding & Training School (DB&TS) in Taralu. This sector is responsible for overseeing the deployment of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) in the States of Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep Islands, and the Union Territory of Puducherry [Mahe].