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IG Communication Sector- Sh. Syed Mohammad Hasnain

Sh. Syed Mohammad Hasnain

IG Communication Sector

Communication Sector is responsible for providing the Communication and IT support to the entire force. The major support comes from the wireless system which forms the backbone of all the communication. A robust communication system at the time of operations gives an edge to the security forces. A strong communication system including the latest radio equipments, repeaters, interceptors and other equipments help in connecting the various formations spread across the length and breadth of the country and relay information quickly. The present communication system has also helped the higher formation to effectively supervise the field as a real time basis. The present technology can leverage secure connectivity for voice, data and video at various levels.

In order to strengthen the ops capability of the forces, CRPF is pioneer in use of UAVs. The UAVs are force multipliers and go a long way in enhancing the operational efficiency as well as enforcing camp security and providing protection during various duties. In time to come the growing fleet of UAVs will definitely provide a cutting edge to the forces.

This sector is also responsible for providing the IT support to all the Bns and offices. It is also maintaining the organization’s intranet called SELO. At present the SELO is running modules in Human Resources, Pay Roll, Inventory Management, CRPF mail and Finance. IT branch is also responsible for developing applications for various branches and offices. It is also moving towards paperless office with implementation of e-office. In the coming months, the IT will drive the organization with implementation of SELO-II project and upgradation of infrastructure at all the locations. IT is going to be the backbone for enhancing operational and administrative efficiency of the Force. Therefore, commanders at all level needs to push and encourage IT based solutions in their day to day functioning.

"It’s not faith in technology, it’s faith in people” remarked Steve Jobs cofounder of Apple Inc. So no matter what technologies we adopt or whatever equipments/gadgets we use, the real benefit lies in its proper usage at the right time and I hope personnel on ground makes the best use of these equipments.