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IG Bihar Sector- Ms Annie Abraham

Ms Annie Abraham

IG Bihar Sector

It is  a matter of pride and privilege to take over charge of  Inspector General of the Bihar Sector, CRPF. Embracing the mantle of leadership within the ranks of the world's largest paramilitary force fills me with a sense of duty and honor unparalleled.

The CRPF, renowned for its unparalleled valor and unwavering resolve, stands as a beacon of strength in the face of adversity. With unflinching loyalty, adaptability, and agility ingrained in our ethos, we confront challenges head-on, resolving them with steadfast determination.

In Bihar, CRPF has played a stellar role in combating Naxalism and have succeeded, with the presence of Naxals greatly reduced to merely 05 districts in a span of  03 years . CRPF continues its resolve to eradicate Naxalism, standing as a stumbling block in their dens of Chakrabandha  and Bhimbandh forests .

Our holistic approach extends beyond operational duties to embrace the welfare of our personnel deployed across the nation's operational theaters. Through dedicated efforts, our Group Centers and Central Hospitals tirelessly cater to the needs of our brave soldiers, ensuring their well-being amidst the rigors of service.

With a blend of operational prowess and administrative acumen, the Sector is steadfast in its commitment to the development of the state and the nation at large. We envision a future where peace, tranquility, and development intertwine, fostering prosperity for generations to come.

In the spirit of our nation's motto, "Jai Hind," let us march forward with unwavering resolve, united in our pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.