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SELO Application Mobile Availability (Sambhav)

The "SELO Application Mobile Availability (Sambhav)" is a mobile application designed and developed for the employees of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and veterans. Its primary purpose is to act as an interface between the CRPF's ERP system (SELO) and the mobile devices of its users. The application enables CRPF to digitally connect with its employees, veterans, and next of kin (NOKs).

Here are the key functionalities and features of the Sambhav application:

  1. PIS (Personal Information System): Users can access and view their personal data as stored in the SELO database.
  2. Pay: Users can view their salary details and have the option to download their pay-related information.
  3. E Magazine / Video: Users can access and view all digital content, including magazines and videos, uploaded by the CRPF.
  4. General Notifications: Users will receive push notifications from the CRPF, providing updates and important information about the organization.
  5. Personal Notifications: Users can receive system-generated personal notifications related to various aspects such as bills, orders, pay, GPF (General Provident Fund), APAR (Annual Performance Appraisal Report), IPR (Immovable Property Returns), and more.
  6. Request: Users have the capability to update their basic personal details in the PIS, such as their photo, phone number, email address, and other relevant information.
  7. Contact Details: Users can access and view the contact information for their unit's control room.

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