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Joining Instructions

Joining Instruction for Courses to be held at college of Information Technology, CRPF Bengaluru for Trainees


College of Information Technology is a premier training institution of CRPF to pursue training, R & D and consultancy in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). CIT is proving as an enabler and facilitator in developing "Digital Force”. CIT is accelerating the digitisation and e- governance in CRPF by providing ICT training to force personnel.


In pursuance to IGP(Pers) Dte office order No. M.V.5/2010-11-IT-DA dated 23/03/2011, Computer courses will be conducted at College of Information technology. All the trainees should report to the Vice Principal / Course I/C of this college by one day in advance to the commencement of courses.

Sr. No. Name of the Course Duration
1. Basic Computer Course 21 Working Days
2. Basic Computer Coursefor Mahilas 21 Working Days
3. Basic SELO & e Office Course 12 Working Days
4. Basic SELO & e Office Coursefor Mahilas 12 Working Days
5. GPS & GIS Course 18 Working Days
6. GPS & GIS Course for Mahilas 18 Working Days
7. Computer and Network  Administrator Course
8. Computer Course for Ministerial staff 24 Working Days
9. Cyber and Social Media Security Course 06 Working Days
10. Cyber and Social Media Security Course for Mahila 06 Working Days
11. Basic Graphic Design Course 18 Working Days
12. Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking Course 10 Working Days
13. Advance Computer and Network  Administrator  Course 18 Working Days

3. Location

This college is located inside the campus of Group Centre, CRPF, Yelahanka Bangalore-560064. The distance from Bangalore Railway station to Yelahanka CRPF Campus is 22 Kms. Contact details of this college is as under :-

CIT, Group Centre, CRPF Doddaballapur Road, Yelhanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560 064.

CIT BLR, Control Room : 080-29721000

Sr. No. Railway Station to CIT Distance
1 Bengaluru City 22 KMs
2 Yeshwantpur 16 KMs
Sl No Airport to CIT Distance
1 Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru 22 KMs

4. Transport/Arrival/Receiption

The Station bus of GC Bengaluru run from City Railway Station / Majestic Railway Station to GC BLR morning at 0930 Hrs and in evening at 2130 HRS. However during odd hours transport will be provided from CIT BLR.


The trainees will be accommodated in barrack/PF Hut. The female trainees reporting for Course will however be accommodated separately as per availability of barrack or quarters. The trainees will dine in the Mess provided for them as no trainee will be permitted to dine outside. All the trainees must deposit Mess advance of Rs.3000/- and should clear the Mess dues before their departure from this College. Trainees are advised to bring with them sufficient money, so that they may clear all due on termination of course. They should invariably take a NO DUES CERTIFICATE from the Officer-in-Charge, while being relieved from this college.

6. Nominal Roll

All concerned will ensure submission of Nominal roll particularsof trainees well in advance at least 15 days prior to commencement of course so that consolidated NRP of trainees can be prepared.

7. Medical Fitness:

All trainees reporting for training should be physically fit and must carry necessary medical certificate issued by Medical Officer. It must be ensured that only medically fit trainees are detailed for courses.

8. Clothing & Equipments :-

Trainees should report duly equipped with the following

  1. Sufficient stationery with writing materials
  2. Kit items for ORs
  3. White Bed sheet for SOs
  4. PT Kit i.e. white PT shoe, Khaki pants/socks. They should also bring khaki uniform, boot black/brown, socks khaki, Mosquito Net and ceremonial dress.

9. Documents

Candidates should be in possession of the following documents:-

  1. Movement order / Office order.
  2. Identity card.
  3. Individual Medical certificate / health card / Medical history document.
  4. Railway warrant / e- Ticket for return journey.

10.Medical Cover :-

Necessary medical cover will be provided in the Composite hospital, CRPF Bengaluru which is located in the Group Centre Campus.

11. Leave

No leave of any kind will be granted during course. In case of absence exceeding of 3 days, trainees will be withdrawn from the course and returned to unit (RTU) with immediate effect.

This office will not process any en route leave. So en route leave (if any) must be sanctioned before commencement of the course and must be mentioned in movement order itself.

12. Pay & allowances :

Pay & allowances of trainees may be remitted to their Bank accounts, as this college has no Govt account transactions.

13. Family :

No trainee is permitted to bring or keep family with him/her during the period of course.

14. Recreation/Sports Amenities

All trainees are required to participate in games during game periods in the afternoon as per course programme. There are also facilities for outdoor games and library. Mandir, Masjid, Church and Gurudwara are available in the campus and trainees are free to attend these places on Sundays and holidays without any hindrance to the course schedules.

15. Discipline/ Withdrawal of Trainees

The trainees should maintain a very high standard of discipline. Trainees will have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Force as well as the station orders. Use of liquor, gambling, unauthorised visit to family lines, borrowing and lending of money etc are strictly forbidden. The trainees should not leave the campus without prior permission of the Officer-in-Charge of course. In case any of the trainees is found indiscipline and not taking interest in the course, he/she will be returned back. Similarly trainees who are unable to assimilate learning / training on account of inadequate professional knowledge/educational background etc are liable to be returned back. If any trainee found involved in indiscipline cases, the same will be dealt according to CRPF Act/Rule by the competent authority.

16. Dispersal

Trainees will be dispersed immediately after termination of the course. As the schedule of course is very tight and courses are being run back to back,so trainees are advised to book their return journey ticket in advance forthe last day after 1700 hrs or next day. The course result will be announced immediately after final test / exam and course certificate will be handed over to each participants. Concerned Offices are requested to monitor arrival of their candidates in reasonable time and confirm arrival by message.

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