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IG’s Message


                               It is a matter of great pride and honour to command Tripura Sector and getting an opportunity to serve its rich legacy. During June’ 1980, large scale ethnic riots took place between tribal and non-tribal factions in the State, when more than 1300 people got killed and properties damaged due to large scale arson and violence. Keeping in view the security scenario in the State, CRPF was initially deployed in the State during later half of 1980s as an aftermath of these riots. CRPF has worked very hard to restore normalcy in Tripura State.

                              Subsequently, with the expansion of the Force and increase in insurgent activities in the State, Tripura Sector was raised in 1997 as Ops Sector and later on, converted into Adm Sector in 2004, with Headquarters at Agartala, having operational control over three units in Tripura and one unit in Mizoram State.

                        Administrative Control of the Sector is over Agartala Range, Group Centre Agartala along with 5 Battalions deployed in various theatres of the Country and discharging their duties with devotion, dedication and courage to uphold the integrity of the Nation.

                                 Tripura Sector has remained in the forefront in extending helping hand to the poor and the needy. All possible assistance is also provided by the CRPF to the civilian population from time to time. Civic action programmes undertaken by the Sector in different regions of the Tripura  and Mizoram state have helped to project the humane image of the uniform and has bridged the gap between the public and the force in these areas.

                                  My greetings and good wishes to all. I am confident that the Sector will continue to dedicate itself to the service of Nation and develop its vision for impending challenges of internal security.


Jai Hind

Satpal Rawat

IG, Tripura Sector

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