Dehradun-Sector Dehradun-Sector

It is a matter of great honour and privilege to have an opportunity for commanding this youngest administrative sector of the Force. The headquarter of this Sector is located at Dehradun, which is capital of Dev Bhoomi i.e Uttarakhand state.GC, Rampur and GC, Kathgodam alongwith their 10 affiliated units.C.H Rampur and Central Weapon Store-I, Rampur are placed under administrative control of this sector.The units are presently deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, LWE affected areas of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh state as well as Manipur and Mizoram in the North Eastern region.Since the units of this sector are deployed in sensitive areas from operational point of view,it is the prime responsibility of both the Group Centers to extend timely every requisite administrative as well as logistic support to these units.I call upon all the officers of this sector and men under their command to thrive hard to make Dehradun Sectorone of the best sectors of this great Force.We have to take extra steps to come up shoulder to shoulder with others and synchronize our efforts to perform optimally everytimeas per the changing needs of the organization.

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