Brig S K Lama (Retd)

Brig S K Lama (Retd)


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Principal's Message प्राचार्य का संदेश

The more you sweat on the ground the less u bleed in war”– We CSJWT strongly believe in this war cry. CSJWT was established to select, mold and train best CRPF personnel to elite CoBRA commandos. We train commandos both physically and mentally to operate in one of the world’s toughest operational theatres. Our main focus is on utmost physical fitness, marksmanship, tactical awareness, survival skills, navigation, camouflage and concealment etc. The trained CoBRA commandos will fit in his team to operate both in independent and joint operations without any abashment.

The location of CSJWT is very much suitable for training commandos as it is relevant to their field of operation. Apart from producing commandos for CoBRA force we conduct Re-orientation training for serving CoBRA personnel. In Re-orientation training we acquire latest modus operandi of naxals from all the CoBRA BNs and teach counter tactics to all the trainees. This sharpens the swords of both the serving and selected commandos.

Our main motivation is successful operation of CoBRA Bn without any loss and we constantly work on this interest. I am sure with the active cooperation of all the stakeholders we will become one of the best institutions for jungle warfare in the world.

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