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Kosovo Mission

Kosovo Mission

A contingent of two Coys of RAF comprising of 240 personnel were deployed in Kosovo to assist in its bid to resolve the ethnic crisis in Kosovo as Indian Special Police Unit (ISPU) under the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo from May 2000 from 1/9/2003 only one coy was deployed till to September 2005.

The personnel for these contingents were selected from CRPF Bns and RAF Units and were given extensive and specialized training on the pattern of RAF at 103 RAF located in Wazirabad (Delhi).

(A) The command and tenure of each of the contingents were as under :-

Sr. No Name of Contingent Commander Batch Duration
1 Shri J.S. Gill, Commandant 108 Bn RAF 1st 10/04/2000 to 14/04/2001
2 Shri Z.F. Khan, Commandant 104 Bn RAF 2nd 22/12/2000 to 13/03/2002
3 Shri A.M. Mauhammed, Commandant 105 Bn RAF 3rd 29/08/2001 to 14/03/2003
4 Shri K.K. Siva Prasad, Commandant 99 Bn RAF 4th 01/09/2002 to 14/03/2004
5 Shri H.R. Banga, Commandant 100 Bn RAF 5th 01/09/2003 to 02/09/2004
6 Shri K.C. Yadav, Commandant 103 Bn RAF 6th 01/09/2004 to 30/09/2005

(B) Role and Duties Performed :-

The contingent was mainly deployed in the Capital Pristina and was occasionally deployed outside this area as per requirement.

The Role and tasks of SPU generally covered the following:-

C) Achievements
The Kosovo contingent had the following operational achievements:-

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