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Institute Of IED Management CRPF,Pune(IIM Pune)

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become the weapons of choice for anti-national elements operating in various Indian states due to the easy availability of explosives and accessories. The popularity of IEDs is only likely to increase further with time, due to the obvious advantages, it offers to the terrorists. It is imperative therefore, that CRPF, which is spearheading the fight against Naxalites (Maoists) and terrorists, remains several steps ahead of these elements, through rigorous training and skill & knowledge upgradation.

With this aim, the Institute of IED Management, CRPF was established at Pune (Maharashtra) to act as the nerve centre for imparting training to all CRPF and other Police Force personnel for countering and developing capabilities against IED menace.

The Institute was inaugurated on 23rd February 2012 by the then Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Government of India, Shri P. Chidambaram in the presence of Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri PrithvirajChavan and Director General, CRPF Shri K. Vijay Kumar, IPS.

Institute of IED management (IIM),CRPF,Pune provides a wide spectrum of specialized and technical training that includes all aspects of I.E.D. Management.

IIM PuneIIM Pune

I.E.D. Management including search, detection, identification and disposal through realistic, relevant and functional training, with attention to details and functionality; and to earn the reputation for excellence and high standards of knowledge and skills.

For its outstanding contribution in the field of IED management, IIM Pune has been conferred the prestigious FICCI SMART Policing Awards 2017 during its annual conference on Homeland Security held on May 24-25, 2017 at FICCI, New Delhi under the following initiative/category:- Name of Initiative :-IED Management. Category :-Training & Capacity Building

An MoU has been signed between IIM Pune and Gujarat Forensic Science University on 27th March 2018 with the objective to establish collaboration for the purpose of identifying new areas for application of Forensic Science in criminal investigation and also building capacity of faculty & scholars of IED, officers attending courses at IIM Pune and various other aspects of use of forensic science in scientific investigation of cases.

Salient Features Of IIM Pune:-

  1. Dedicated to finding ways of Managing IED threat.
  2. To built capabilities against IED threat amongst all Paramilitary Forces and State Police Forces of the country & to minimize loss of life of the security forces due to IED blasts.
  3. Equipped to provide end to end Training to all levels of counter IED professionals.
  4. The state-of-the-art Model Room: with models of all major IED incidents across India & even abroad.
  5. IED Training Lab: for hands on training on detecting, defusing / neutralizing and destroying IEDs of various types.
  6. Sand Model Room: to help students training on planning counter IED operations.
  7. Counter IED Range: with counter IED exercises, involving security forces, terrorists and by-standers. Use of RF wireless based IEDs which can be shifted from anywhere to anywhere to set new exercises every time.
  8. An institute with all Latest Counter IED Equipments and Devices.
  9. Database of all IED incidents with facilities for data management and intelligent assessments/predictions.
  10. Conduct field study of important IED Blast and prepare case study for seeking national policy on manufacture, transportation, supply and usage of explosives, in India, in the wake of adversary using the loophole in policy against the states.
  11. Adopt advance methodology; assist BDD Squad through practical exercises to dispose off the explosives & IEDs.
  12. Conduct visit and interaction with the faculty of College of Military Engineering, various DRDO laboratories and various Ammunition/ Explosive factories to facilitate effective learning/training in the filed of explosive and develop Institute as State of art specialized Training Centre.
  13. Train the State Police Force personnel especially from LWE & terrorism infested states in the field of IED Management & to impart training to officers of other friendly Countries.
  14. Research on IED matters, especially advancements in the world, best responses and practices.
  15. Bringing out SOP, Guidelines, circulars etc. on all aspects of IED management.
  16. Bringing out Quarterly Publications of all issues/incidents/responses/best practices in India.
  17. Maintaining IED Archive where IEDs recovered from field are displayed for making training more realistic.
IIM Pune

Courses run at IIM Pune :-

Six weeks Counter IED Course for BDDS Personnel

    Following customized Courses are also being run at IIM Pune :-

  1. Two weeks capsule/refresher course on counter IED training for BDDs personnel and foreign participants.
  2. Four weeks course on Counter IED training.
  3. Eight weeks course on counter IED training for GOs/SOs.

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