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Dog Breeding And Training School CRPF, Taralu, Bengaluru

1. The Dog Breeding & Training School came into existence on 27th August 2011 with the arrival of 6 dogs for breeding stock and 15 pups for training. Training of the first batch of pups started on 1st September 2011. Starting from modest beginning, the institute has developed considerable infrastructure expanding in 52 acres of land at Taralu. Currently the following infrastructure exists at the institution:-

i. 23 PF Huts of various dimensions.

ii. 5 whelping kennels.

iii. 6 puppy kennels.

iv. 165 adult kennels.

v. Indoor and outdoor obstacle courses.

vi. Veterinary hospital.

vii. Rappelling / slithering tower.

viii. Barracks for Jawans.

ix. Training grounds.

2. 16 personnel are posted and 88 attached at DB&TS which functions under the administrative control of the Karnataka & Kerala Sector.

Dog Training
Dog Training

Starting from a scratch we have built considerable infrastructure during the past one year which includes 54 kennels, 5 whelping kennels, 2 pups kennels, fencing of kennel area, office cum veterinary hospital block, indoor and outdoor obstacle course, rappelling/slithering tower, indoor training shed etc.

We have added two male and two female dogs to the original breeding stock of two male and four female dogs taking the total of breeding stock to ten. All the six female dogs have delivered litters and 45 pups have born at DB & TS during the last one year. All these pups are undergoing training at various stages. During the past year 21 trained dogs with 42 handlers have been sent to field units and the next batch of 14 dogs and 28 handlers will pass out on 10th December 2012. At present 52 dogs are available in DB & TS.

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