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          It is a great honor for me to join as the Principal/DIG of RAF Academy for Public Order, being the first I will leave no stone unturned in taking the Academy to the height level.

          Since inception, RAPO has trained 15493 men from CRPF, Indian Army, other CAPFs, State Police including Bihar police, J&K police, Orissa police, Meghalaya police, Gujarat police, Haryana police, IAS (trainee officers) of LBSNAA, Mussoorie, Zimbabwe police and Myanmar police on various subjects i.e., Mob Control, Media Management, Human Rights and Sensitivity, Legal aspects of Public Order/Law & Order Management, Right Control Equipments i.e. Pump Action Gun (PAG), FN 303 less lethal launcher and MSL.

          RAPO being the only academy of India is imparting training to men in uniform dealing with Public Order. Law & Order situation is very volatile and changes its low and high very frequently. Thus, RAPO becomes an important institute in drawing its own methodology to train the officers dealing with such situations.

          Being the first Principal/DIG of RAPO, I am duty bound to raise the standard of this institute in Leaps & Bounds and make it state of Excellence.

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