CoBRA School of Jungle Warfare and Tactics (CSJWT)   was established on 408 acres of land allotted by govt. of Karnataka free of cost to CRPF.    Possession of land was taken during February 2012 and Brig R K Rawat, (Retd), DIGP, along with his team (all  attached from different units of GD  Battalion & CoBRA) was placed at Belgaum on 07th March 2012 for the purpose of raising training institution on Adhoc basis with   an aim to conduct PI training for CoBRA new entrants. With great efforts of the team CSJWT was established on Adhoc basis within a record time of 3½ months with support from GC   Bengaluru being the foster GC to CSJWT and first PI training of CoBRA Commandos commenced on 20th June 2012. Formal sanction of GOI was issued for raising of CSJWT vide MHA letter No. II.27012/17/2011-PF-III dated 23/05/2013. Accordingly, the Institution was de-attached from GC BLR and started functioning independently from September’ 2014 onwards as posts were also created/authorized for Officers and men for CSJWT by Govt. of India vide MHA letter No. 27012/25/2011-PF-III dated 11/09/2014 and CRPF Dte. Genl. Order No. O.IV.16/2011-Org dated 18/09/2014. Since then 26 Batches of PI training has been carried out and also training imparted to Karnataka police & SSB / NSG personnel. Initially, Adm and training infrastructure was developed on self-help basis like helipad, slithering point, BOAC, PET, BPET track, firing range, toilets, bathing points, mess, dining hall, trainees accommodation under minor works, water sources from reserve forest etc. Further, formal sanctions for various infrastructures have also been received from GOI.

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