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Shri Deepak Ratan IPS


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IG's Message

                                 It is a matter of great pride and privilege for me to lead the Northern Sector CRPF which is on first call for situations pertaining to Law and Order, riot control and other exigencies in the region of Delhi-NCR.

                   Raised on 01/02/1972,  the Northern Sector presently comprises of 2 ranges (New Delhi and Sonepat) , 3  Group Centres (New Delhi,  Gurugram and Sonepat),  Parliamentary Duty Group (PDG),  Special Duty Group (SDG), 16 administrative Battalions and 15 Operational Battalions.  02 units of the Sector are deployed in Delhi, 06 units in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, 04 units in Chhattisgarh and 01 unit each deployed in Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Orissa and Punjab. The Operational Battalions deployed in Delhi are engaged in a wide spectrum of duties   with a primary focus on maintaining Law and Order and ensuring Security of VIP locations, VIP residences, offices, Vital Installations, PMO, PMH and Parliament.

                   Apart from the above, the Quick Reaction Team of Northern Sector remains in a high state of alertness and preparedness to tackle any situation with utmost professionalism in zero response time.

                   The duties entrusted to Northern Sector demand  a high level of professionalism and continuous effort at raising our capability to handle emerging challenges.  My expectation from all ranks of Northern Sector is to demonstrate professional competence,  physical fitness, high moral standards, and social happiness at all times.  Our guiding principles should include  discipline, punctuality and adherence to professional conduct at all levels.  We must prioritize the well being of our personnel and focus on promoting the highest standards of service to nation which is the hallmark of Central Reserve Police Force.

                   I extend my best wishes to all Officers, SOs and ORs of the Northern Sector, Central Reserve Police Force.


                                                                                             JAI HIND

































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