CoBRA Sector CoBRA Sector


The government of India raised 10 CoBRA (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action) units to tackle the challenges posed by Naxals/Maoist. These specialised units are rigorously trained in guerrilla warfare and tactics in CoBRA school for Jungle Warfare & Tactics, Belagavi (CSJW&T). Since its inception CoBRA Bns have emerged as the main striking force and has many spectacular achievements to its credit.

With the highest order of professionalism, determination & courage, CoBRA commandos have neutralised many hard core Naxals/Maoists in a short span from their raising. Continuous operations of CoBRA resulted in consistent decline of violence activities in LWE areas and considerable shrinkage in geographical spread is noticed

This special force is a proud recipient of 251 gallantry medals for its peerless gallant & bravery including 01 - Kirti Chakra, 08 - Shaurya Chakra, 06 - P.P.M.G. and 250- P.M.G.

This force is inspired from its motto " Sangrame Prakramee Jayee”. 


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