Ms Annie Abraham

Ms Annie Abraham

Inspector General of Police , RAF

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Rapid Action Force raised in the year 1992 is the specialized wing of CRPF dealing with public order disturbances. Ever since its raising, RAF has been handling the challenges of public order across the nation with high degree of professionalism. RAF has proved its mettle on numerous occasion and has always emerged as crisis redresser on Indian as well as on foreign soil. Due to its solid professional ethos, RAF has been called to provide its service in Kosovo and Liberia. The Formed Police Units (FPU) of women and men of RAF have served with distinction under the banner of United Nation in Kosovo and Liberia respectively. Amassing huge experience from the journey, RAF is focused on strengthening its core competence and skills. The unceasing requisition from States speak volumes about its ability, versatility, social acceptance and dependability in handling conflict situations in different states.  RAF Academy for Public Order (RAPO) Meerat (U.P.) is also undertaking the task of training police officials of SAARC, other Central Police Forces and state police in upgrading their Anti-Riot, crowd control abilities and skills.

 With the increased stress on social fabric, the challenges in maintaining law & order is becoming complex. RAF, being proactive in nature, strives to decode the emerging trends of social behaviour by regular monitoring and analysis of cases, past incidents & deployments and the will to evolve and equip itself to meet every conceivable scenario.

Efficient, empartial and humane image of the Force amongst citizens has strengthened RAF in multiple ways. The men and women in Blue have earned respect & love of the citizens of the country. Highly trained RAF troops are dedicated towards safeguarding law abiding citizens and to uphold the law of the land. Gender sensitization, cultural understanding and regular interaction with public through Familirisation Exercises, Civic Action Programmes and other such activities have provided an edge to RAF units in managing law and order situation effectively. By keeping an eye on the emerging social, political & demographic changes, RAF is regularly upgrading & modernizing its inventory.

RAF has always performed the role of effective first responder in its Area Of Responsibility (AOR) for the Rescue and Relief Operations during natural calamities or man-made disasters. To strengthen its capability in rescue missions, RAF is focused on training its troops and equipping them with desired equipments. 

With the zeal & determination, RAF has achieved the status of "Specialized Force”. At this juncture when all the stake holders see RAF as a premier Anti-Riot Force, it’s time for RAF to optimize its potential by upgrading the skills of troops & strengthening inventory with overall focus on its Motto "Serving Humanity with Sensitive Policing”.



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