Tourist village

Shivpuri is a tourist center. Tourists keep coming here from far and wide. Shivpuri remains the center of attraction for the tourists throughout the year, but after the first showers in the rainy season, the nature here gets four moons. Tourist Village has been established by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department for the stay of the tourists. This is situated near the natural spring "Bhadaiya Kund".


Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park is situated in Shivpuri between Agra-Bombay and Jhansi-Shivpuri. Its area is 157.58 square kilometres. The Park is open to tourists year-round. There are large numbers of chinkaras, Indian gazelles and chitals. Nilgai, sambar, chausingha, black antelope, sloth bear, leopard and common langur are other residents of this vast park.


Bhadaiya Kund

It is one of the places where natural springs have curative powers. This kund is located in a village which comes under Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation. This place is safe and clean for tourists, coming here they can stay in good hotels conveniently. This place is 112 km from Gwalior. Which is a special place during the tour of India, where tourists come from far and wide to see the pool. Bhadaiya Kund, a beautiful area with a natural spring is not far from Shivpuri. Although there is no dearth of picnic areas in Shivpuri, yet tourists head towards Bhadiya Kund to witness the serene atmosphere and many colors of nature. It is said about Bhadaiya Kund that this natural water source has very beneficial mineral salts. Bathing with water here is considered a better treatment due to ancient beliefs and many therapeutic properties. It is believed that if someone has skin-related diseases, bathing in this water is beneficial. The water of the pool is believed to be full of healing powers. The best time to visit this pool is during monsoons as the water in the pool is plentiful during this time and the filled pool provides a soothing ambiance to the eyes after a weary from the city.



Chhatris or Monuments

The Chhatris of Shivpuri are associated with the royal Scindia family. It is an empty tomb made for a person who exists somewhere. The memorial is built on the lines of war memorials, this is not a modern method but a very old practice. The English word for monument is derived from the Greek word which is meant as a means of honouring the dead and associated with history. The Chhatris located here are not only known for their history but are also remarkable for their art and architecture. The Chhatris of Shivpuri are made of marble, on which the marks of immaculate art are still visible. These chhatris are maintained properly even at present, which clearly shows that they are well maintained. A large Mughal garden is also located near these umbrellas, while on the other side a lake is also situated which is very beautiful to see and is also quite big. There are also sculptures dedicated to the members of the Scindia royal family. The Chhatri located here is specially dedicated to Madhavrao Scindia and his then widow Maharani Sakhya Raje Scindia.


Interesting facts:

o   Shivpuri is a nature gateway between Gwalior and Jhansi.

o   This beautiful city was once the summer capital of the Scindia rulers of Gwalior and its dense forests were hunting areas.

o   Shivpuri is a popular destination for birds and many tourists come to see the huge species of birds.

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