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It speaks volumes of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s foresight and wisdom that he not only ordered the retention of this elite force in its reformed avtar as the central reserve police but also envisioned in it, a strong –armed force of the union of India to perform multifarious roles in the new nation.

The central reserve police force bill in 1949 which crystallized Sardar Patel’s ideas of reorientation of the force was introduced by his speech in parliament the foremost paragraphs of which run as follows:-

‘’As part of the political settlement of transfer of power the force was passed on to the central control and since then it has been used by us in various states whenever demands of law and order justified its use. This force, with further augmentation, party to make up the depletion on account of partition and partly to meet the growing demands from the states and unions, has performed most useful functions and has been a very good reserve force, which has been sent from time to time in aid of local forces. In Junagarh, on the borders of Jaisalmer, in Mayurbhanj, in Saurashtra and elsewhere, it has been a stabilizing influence, whenever any threat to security has manifested itself. Further, the force is primarily intended to be used in a aid of the civil power in states proper, no less than in the ‘’merged’’ states. We therefore decided that the most appropriate course was to have central legislation. The sanctioned strength of the force is 1,746. Although its headquarters are at Neemach, its detachments are functioning in various places in Rajasthan, Vindhaya Pradesh, Madhya Bharat, Kutch, Saurashtra, Bhopal and Mount Abu. It is commanded by an officer of the Indian Army.’’

"The bill before the house follows generally the pattern of the crown representative’s police law. It makes provision for the constitution of the force, appointment of the officers, general duties of the members of the force its administration and certain liabilities and penalties for the member of the force. Since the force has been functioning ever since the 15th August, 1947, we are seeking to give the bill a retrospective effect.’’

‘’When this state of things (disturbance of law and order) arose, demands came from several unions and some states also that their police force was not sufficient and in some cases not effective and, therefore, they needed help. We found it very difficult to offer help, because our own resources were not adequate.’’

‘’But we cannot depend upon provisional help for a long time. This little force which we had came in very handy and it did very useful work also. But it is small and has to be augmented. We have done our best in this direction and it is still being increases.’’

Explaining the present functions of the force his prophetic pronouncements were as follows:-

‘’We are passing through a period of transition. In this period we have made so many changes and raised so many forces, upset so many things of the old order abolition of Zamindari, amalgamation of states, removal of old institutions and many other similar things. The present situation is such that we have to be very watchful and careful. Then we have on the borders, due to partition, several raids being committed by dacoits from the other side or by the forces from the other side. So we have to keep a watch. We have also on the other borders, revolutionary changes going on and certain young elements who consider that this is the time for creating a revolution and change the other existing in this country. There also we have to be very careful. In the industrial centers also there are certain forces which believe in creating trouble, for they think that the more unrest they create, the better the prospects for their organization. In all these circumstances, a central, well organized and disciplined police force is a boon in these areas and they have all acknowledged with one voice that our help has been very useful.’’

Finally, as a massage for the further he rumbled out:-

‘’Ours is a vast country, where consolidation has taken place with electric rapidity. So, unless we are very watchful we may find to our cost, difficulties arising for which we may have to pay heavily. Therefore, we have taken care to organize our services, our police force and all the requirements that are considered necessary for keeping law and order in the whole land, so that progress may be as effective and as rapid as possible.’’

"A stabilizing influence wherever any threat to security manifested itself.”                                       Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

 Former Dy. Prime Minister and

                                                          First Home Minister

"The duties which the Central Reserve Police is called upon to perform are of an important and diverse nature. The Force is engaged not only in the maintenance of law and order, and the guarding of places and installations of vital importance in various States within the Country, but also in helping the Armed Forces in protecting the International borders. The Force has a distinguished record of service to its credit. A number of its personnel laid down their lives in various operations and its achievements have been duly recognized by the award of a number of Medals for Gallantry and Meritorious service. It is a matter for gratification that recruitment to the Central Reserve Police is not confined to any particular class or section of the population and its personnel is drawn from all parts of the country.

I send my heartily good wishes to the Central Reserve Police on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee.” 

Sh. Lal Bahadur Shastri

Former Prime Minister

(On Occasion of 25th CRPF Anniversary)



While giving away the gallantry awards to the heroes of 2nd Battalion, CRPF, the Hon'ble Home Minister Shri Gulzari Lal Nanda made this statement during the investiture ceremony.

"This battle will go down in the history of Indian Police, nay in the history of military battle.”

"This is the glorious history of unparalleled bravery, undaunting courage and magnificent achievement of a small contingent of valiant CRPF men fighting against 3500 heavily armed enemy at Sardar Post. 


"I am happy to send my greetings to officers and men of the Central Reserve Police on the Occasion of the Silver Jubilee of this Organization, I am sure all members of the C.R.P. are proud to belong to it. It has an admirable record of service to the country. Stale Governments have often drawn upon its services and wherever C.R.P Units have been detailed for duty, they have acquitted themselves well. In the range of its assignments, geographical and otherwise, and in its composition as also its spirit, C.R.P. is an example of National integration. I am aware that in respect of amenities there are many legitimate requirements of the Force which have yet to be fulfilled. But I am confident that members of the Force are patient and understand the burdens which the country has to shoulder and which makes it difficult to satisfy all their needs, howsoever legitimate they might be in themselves. On this occasion, I wish to pay my homage to the brave men who during 25 years of C.R.P history have laid down their lives in various operations.” 

Sh. G.L. Nanda

Former Minister for Home Affairs

         (On Occasion of 25th CRPF Anniversary)

"The hallmark of the CRPF has been a high level of discipline, professional competence and a tradition of service to the Community.”

 Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

 Former President of India


"Central Reserve Police is the oldest and one of its own kinds of security Force in the country, which has been used everywhere and in every way. At present CRPF is mainly responsible for curbing terrorism, eradicating insurgency and providing assistance to the States in maintaining law and order. CRPF is performing all these duties with great responsibility.”

Shri R. Venkatraman

Former President of India


"The CRPF is not only the oldest police force functioning under the Ministry of Home Affairs but is also one of the most versatile force that has stood the test of time.”

"The demands on the CRPF have increased during the years. The way this Force has risen to the occasion in all such situations should be matter of satisfaction and pride for the members of the CRPF. The Force has, indeed, come to be reckoned as an important factor for ensuring peace and national integration.”

Sh. Giani Zail Singh

 Former President of India

"The CRPF fulfilled an essential need which was to have a Force which may comprise people from different states, speaking different languages and still working together. We have observed that wherever the CRPF has gone, the people have reposed confidence in it and they (CRPF men) too have worked with great courage and dedication.”

On 17 April, 1984, the Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi visited Aizwal and addressed a Sainik Sammelan of CRPF Officers and men at Zemawabk, the Headquarters of 34 Bn, CRPF. While praising the performance of CRPF the Prime Minister said "Most of you are from the plains and you have come a long distance from your homes in order to serve in this insurgency affected area. You and your welfare are always in my mind. CRPF Jawans are continuously deployed at short notices in extremely difficult area (where law and order situation gets disturbed) because of the confidence that they are able to control deteriorating situations intelligently and discreetly. You greatly helped the country tide over the most difficult Internal Security problems."

Smt. Indira Gandhi

Former Prime Minister


"I have felt that we are burdening the CRPF a lot. In a way, it reflects the trust we place in the CRPF and efficiency with which you (CRPF) perform your role.”

 Shri Rajiv Gandhi

 Former Prime Minister


"The CRPF men have shed blood in every part of the country in the service of the nation. The challenges faced by the CRPF and sacrifices made, have given it an identity. Today, the CRPF has becomes symbol of our unity and integrity. CRPF has earned public confidence not once but again and again. We are sure that the CRPF will stand the test of time and will continue to strive to maintain in the integrity, glory and honour of the country.”

 Shri V.P. Singh

 Former Prime Minister


"The country would always remember the martyrs of CRPF with honour for the sacrifices they had made in defending unity and integrity of the Nation. The future of the country is safe in the hand of Central Reserve Police Force.”                 

Shri Chandra Shekhar

 Former Prime Minister


"The Central Reserve Police Force is a truly versatile force with duties ranging from maintenance of law and order to controlling explosive situations and containing insurgency and terrorism. Notwithstanding their difficult nature, these duties are performed by the men of the CRPF cheerfully and efficiently in all parts of the country.

If the nature of demands made by the State is any index, it certainly proves that the Force has won confidence of not only the state administrations but also that of the people at large. This is no small a tribute to the effectiveness of the Force.”

Sh. P. V. Narasimha Rao

Former Prime Minister

When I took over the States Ministry, we stopped the disintegration of this force and changed its name from the Crown Representative’s Police to the Central Reserve Police, It was one battalion in strength at that time, We increased it to two battalions, This was the only effective force which the States Ministry had at its disposal. It was very well trained and but for the discipline, efficiency and devotion to duty of its officers and men, we would not have been able to maintain order, particularly in the small States and in the border areas, during the crucial period following the transfer of power. 

Ref: "Integration of the Indian States” by Sh. V. P. Menon

"Central Reserve Police Force men, who were killed in action, wrote a ‘golden history’ on this day with their extraordinary bravery, patriotism and sacrifice.”

Sh. Ram Nath Kovind

Hon’ble President of India

(On Occasion of Valour Day 2020)


"The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) has played a key role in maintaining the unity and integrity of the nation. This force has a glorious past, praise-worthy present and a future filled with hope and service. CRPF personnel have always won the faith and confidence of the people wherever they have been deployed. It has played a significant role right from the days of unification of the country to successfully tackling separatism in the north-east and terrorism in Punjab."

Sh. M. Venkaiah Naidu

Hon’ble Vice President of India


"The courage of CRPF is widely known. I salute this brave force and remember the bravery of our CRPF personnel in Gujarat’s Sardar Post in 1965. The sacrifices of the brave martyrs will never be forgotten.”

Sh. Narendra  Modi

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

(On Occasion of Valour Day 2020)


"CRPF is not only the world's biggest armed force, but it is also the bravest armed force in the world, If someone goes through the history of CRPF, one will observe many inspirational chapters. The supreme sacrifices made by CRPF personnel for internal security duties including at the war theatres with China in October 1959 and with Pakistan at Sardar Post, Kutch in Gujarat in 1965. The 80s and 90s saw insurgency in some parts of the country. The CRPF dealt with this situation with courage. They helped bring peace to Punjab and North-East.
whether it is a Naxal theatre or a riot situation, or for conduct of peaceful AmarnathYatra in Jammu and Kashmir or providing security ring to India’s Parliament, CRPF jawans always remain at the forefront.

Sh. Amit Shah

Hon’ble Home Minister of India

"As the lead internal security force of the country, the CRPF has an onerous task on its shoulders to render the duties."

Sh. Ajit Doval

National Security Advisor, GoI

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