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OPS Achievements


IED and naxal utensils recovered by 191 Bn CRPF:-


            C/191 Bn CRPF along with Civil Police was deployed for 02 days and 01 Night LRP Duty in jungle area of AOP Hedri, PS Eatpalli on 15/03/2020. During this duty 1105 Hrs when the party reached at Bodmetta Jungle area 01 IED blasted by Naxals followed by indiscriminate fire. After that the troops immediately took positions and retaliated the fire of Naxals. Maoists escaped from the spot taking advantage of dense forest. After this troops along with civil police searched the area and recovered a pressure cooker IED having 05 Kgs of explosive, 02 Nos of 12V Battery, 200Mtrs of red color wire, 12 Mtrs of yellow color wire, 01 Nos of multimeter, 01 Nos of Old remote kit, pieces of blasted pressure cooker IED, Maoist literature, Misc items like cooking material, ground sheet, food items etc. The IED demolished by the troops on the spot.  

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Weapon surrender at 09 Bn CRPF

          Pursuant to regular interaction and continuous efforts of 09 Bn Central Reserve Police Force, villagers of Tumarguda surrendered 11 Bharmar guns in the presence of CRPF and state police officers at Sub police station Permili Distt Gadhchiroli (Mh) on 01/03/2020.

       This shows Efforts & motivation by the Central Reserve Police Force. In which CRPF regularly interacting with people in remote areas and convince them that nothing like being in the mainstream. Sh Ravindra Bhagat, Commandant 09 Bn along with other officers of 09 Bn CRPF and officers of civil police remained present on this event.

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E/191 and young platoon of 191 Bn along with C-60 party

191 Bn recovered Arms and Naxal utensils during ops on 20 August 2019. E/191 and young platoon of 191 Bn along with C-60 party of civil police was on OPS duty (02 Days and 01 Night) LRP in the j/area of Gatta (J). Exchange of fire took place between C-60 party and Naxals in the jungle area about 08 Kms south fm AOP-Gatta (J), PS- Etapalli, Distt. Gadchiroli. After searching the area troops recovered 12 Bore Rifle - 01, Claymore Mines-01, other IED material (50 mtrs wire, detonator, 12 volt battery - 02 no’s, Pressure cooker with detonator, some other detonator, Map books of Naxal, Naxal uniform with name plate, some Pithus  and other daily use material. Troops also burnt 300 kgs Rice, 50 kg pulses, 10 kg red chilly powder and other cooking material, 18 no’s tent with inner and outer cloth.


E/191 Bn,

u/AOP- Gatta(J),

PS- Etapalli.

On 11/04/2019 at about 1420 hrs u/AOP- Gatta (J), PS- Etapalli. troops of E/191 Bn deployed for GPE- 2019 related duties at Booth No. 109, village Titoda, AOP- Gatta (Ja). about 1420 hrs, troops of E/191 Bn, C-60 party & Civil Police detected an IED in a pressure cooker which was buried near the Booth No.109, Titoda, AOP- Gatta (Ja) appx-100 mtr away from the booth. BDD squad of Civil Police demolished it on the spot. 12 volt battery and few mtrs flexible wire recovered from the spot.


F/191 Bn,

u/AOP- Gatta(J),

PS- Etapalli.

On 10/04/2019 at about 1550 hrs u/AOP- Gatta (J), PS- Etapalli. troops of F/191 Bn (Part of Adhoc- 307) detailed for conducting first phase polling on 11/04/2019 along with EVM & Polling Party. Near about 150 Mtr away from the base camp an IED exploded at about 1540 hrs which was planted in a bicycle, in which one SI/GD & one CT/GD sustained injury. Both personnel were evacuated by chopper to Gadchiroli and further to Nagpur. Their condition is stable.


B/192 Bn,

u/AOP- Chatgaon.

On 26/03/2019 at about 0800 Hrs unit QAT & B/192 Bn CRPF along with State Police recovered & demolished an IED ( Appx- 04 Kg) near the small bridge (approx 1 Km south west of AOP Chatgaon) between village Chatgaon to Katezari during on own Int. based operation.


C/113 Bn,


On 15/03/2019 at about 1850 Hrs under AOP- Murumgaon, Distt- Gadchiroli troops of C/113 Bn CRPF along with young platoon recovered pressure cooker IED while returning from LRP duty. Gadchiroli BDD squad demolished it on the spot.


B/191 Bn,

u/AOP- Kotmi

On 12/03/2019 at 1240 hrs, u/AOP- Kotmi, SPS- Kasansur two Gun Bharmar with one spare barrel surrendered by two villagers namely Madgi Gota, s/o Devra Gota, age 57 years & Nandu Hedo, s/o Kashtru Hedo, age 31 years both are resident of village- Kondawahi, Teh- Etapalli, before troops of B/191 Bn CRPF & State Police.



u/AOP- Halewada.

On 26/02/19 at 1410 hrs, in forest area of village- Petha, u/AOP- Halewada, on own Int. based operation troops of A/191 Bn along with State Police recovered an IED/ Tiffin Bomb (appx-05 kg) & destroyed on the spot.


D/191 Bn, 

SPS- Kasansur.

On 07/02/19 at 0800 hrs, village- Kanhalgaon, u/ SPS- Kasansur, local villager Suresh Dansu Narote and Bhauji Tumbre surrendered one Bharmar Gun and one Barrel of Gun Bharmar before the troops of D/191 Bn CRPF. 



u/AOP- Kotmi,

SPS- Kasansur.

On 06/02/19 at 1000 hrs, u/AOP- Kotmi, SPS- Kasansur, during SRP duty in forest area of Kotmi to Asawandi and Kundamtola B/191 Bn CRPF and State Police arrested 03 suspected personnel namely Kalle Dalsu Gawade, s/o Dalsu Gadawe, age- 40 years and Abaji Dalsu Gawade, s/o Dalsu Gadawe, age- 29 of village Kundamtola with 02 Gun Bharmar and Dinesh Buddhu Wadde, s/o Baddhu Wadde, age 17 years of village Asawandi with 01 Gun Bharmar.



u/AOP- Kotmi,

SPS- Kasansur.

On 25/01/19 at 0530 hrs, u/AOP- Kotmi, SPS- Kasansur 01 maiost  namely Bandu Gulu Hichami, 26 years r/o  Kondawahi,Teh- Etapalli, active member of Kasansur LOS and 01 GRD member namely Arjun Basu Gota, 19 years r/o Kondawahi apprehended by C/9 Bn CRPF and  State Police during Special operation.

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