Shri Deepak Ratan IPS

Shri Deepak Ratan IPS


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Zone Northern Sector



           The ADM jurisdiction covers 02  ranges,03 GCs,16 Units.






Ø  Northern Sector CRPF came in to existence on 1stof February ,1972.

Ø  Initial jurisdiction over Srinagar, Delhi and Ajmer ranges.

Ø  Re-organized from time to time in conformity with the administrative and operational requirements. 

Ø  The present operational jurisdiction is Delhi/NCR which includes 02 Ranges, 03 GCs, 15 Units 

Ø  Units under Adm control of this Sector are deployed as :

    J&K   -   06  

    LWE  -   06

           NE    -    01
           PB    -    01
DELHI/NCR-    02
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