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Principal's Message

Principal- Sh S. K. Mohanty

Sh S. K. Mohanty


                      Counter Insurgency &  Anti Terrorism School (CIATS) CRPF, Silchar is one of the premier Training Institutions in the country with eighteen years of tradition of excellence in training. CIATS, Silchar is providing advance, updated and innovative training not only to CRPF personnel but also to personnel of  State Police.

                     The mission of CIATS, CRPF, Silchar is to mould all personnel into professional soldiers who will be the embodiment of prestige and spirit of the nation, carry the banner of strength and success for the republic in  fighting against insurgency and all forms of terrorism and ensure freedom, peace and security in the mind and heart of every citizen living in every corner of the country.

                      I am happy to see that each member of the Training Institute has made a significant contribution. I encourage them to continue their service in order to ensure that we retain the highest level of integrity and duty by developing the best Soldiers in the country. We must inculcate the highest standard of professionalism, physical fitness, mental strength, tactical knowledge, combat survival skill, and acumen of training. It will help our men to live upto the motto of the institute “Gyan Atmvishwash Prahar”. I am confident to enhance the standards of training and uplift the endeavour to maintain excellent standards for which the Institute is known for.

                   Everyone who wears the uniform should strive to foster the spirit of professionalism and inculcate correct ideals while maintaining the sincere feelings of service and loyalty.