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About Sector

The Manipur and Nagaland sector of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) was established on March 1st, 1994, as an Operational Sector (OPS) and became an Administrative Sector (ADM) in 2004. The sector headquartered is located at the Group Center campus in Langjing, Imphal.

The sector is responsible for the operational efficiency, training, and welfare of the CRPF personnel deployed in the states of Manipur and Nagaland, as well as other ADM units.

The sector performs a variety of roles in Manipur and Nagaland, including:

  • Protection of the Governor of Manipur and Nagaland, the Chief Minister of Nagaland, and other VIPs

  • Guarding the ongoing NF railway project and NHPC in Manipur and other vital installations

  • Providing convoy and escort duty for petroleum products, LPG, and other essential commodities

  • Law and order

The following IsGP have held charge of M&N sector since its inception.

Sr. No. Name FROM TO
  SH. N.K. TEWARI, VSM 01/03/1994 30/11/1995
  SH. A.R. PAWAR, IPS 13/12/1995 02/05/1997
  SH. NARAYAN MISHRA, IPS 03/05/1997 27/06/1997
  SH. A. PATTANAYAK, IPS 28/06/1997 18/08/1998
  SH. M. MOHANRAJ, IPS 30/08/1998 22/02/2001
  SH. SUBHAS GOSWAMI, IPS 23/02/2001 31/07/2001
  SH. R. S. NOTYAL 01/08/2001 27/03/2002
  SH. P. N. RAMAKRISHANAN 28/03/2002 15/04/2002
  SH.RAJDEEP SINGH, IPS 16/04/2002 18/08/2002
  SH. SUBHAS GOSWAMI, IPS 19/08/2002 06/06/2004
  SH. A.N. SRINIVASAN 07/06/2004 23/01/2006
  SH. SUMER SINGH YADAV 24/01/2006 22/03/2006
  SH. P. MALIANA GOUD, IPS 22/03/2006 16/10/2006
  SH. SUNIL KUMAR JAIN, IPS 16/10/2006 27/10/2007
  Dr. MAHBOOB ALAM, IPS 27/10/2007 10/07/2008
  SH. MAN SINGH RAWAT 12/07/2008 28/09/2008
  SH. V. P. S. PANWAR 29/09/2008 30/06/2009
  SH. D. R. PATHAK 07/07/2009 04/12/2009
  SH. R. C. TAYAL, IPS 20/01/2010 31/12/2011
  SH. P. K. BISWAS 05/01/2012 30/04/2012
  SH. S. P. SINGH 26/06/2012 08/07/2013
  Dr. N. C. ASTHANA, IPS 08/07/2013 23/09/2014
  SH. E. NIRMALARAJ 29/01/2015 30/11/2015
  SH. K. VIJAY KUMAR 04/01/2016 13/12/2016
  SH. VIKRAM SAHGAL 14/12/2016 24/04/2018
  SH. RAJESH KUMAR, IPS 24/04/2018 06/06/2019
  SH. ANSHUMAN YADAV, IPS 26/06/2019 19/05/2020
  SH. RANDEEP DATTA, PMG 01/06/2020 21/06/2021
  SH. MAHABIR SIGNH SHEKHAWAT 06/07/2021 10/01/2022
  SH. MANISH KUMAR AGRAWAL, IPS 20/01/2022 20/07/2022
  SH.SANDEEP DATTA, 01/08/2022 19/08/2023