Shri. Satish Chandra Verma , IPS

Shri. Satish Chandra Verma , IPS



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Central Training College Coimbatore

Basic Course

Promotional Course

Professional Course

Other Course

Direct Appointed SO's(DASO)

Head Constable Promotional Course (HCPC)

Junior Leader Ship Course ( for INSP/SI)

M/CBRN Orientation Course for Commandant & Second- in-Commandant

Departmental Enlisted SOs Course (DESO)

Assistant Sub Inspector Promotional Course (ASIPC)

Shooting Skill Course

M/CBRN Orientation Course for Dy. Comdt. & Assistant Commandant & D/C

Basic Course for HC/Min ASI(Steno)

Sub Inspector Promotional Course (SIPC)

FC & Tactic Course

Sub- Inspector to Inspector for DM/CBRN Orientation Course for Sub Inspector to Inspector

Inspector Promotional Course (IPC)

WTI Course

Basic DM Course for Constable, Head Constable, Assistant Sub-Inspector.

Assistant Commandant Promotional Course(ACPC)

Basic MFR/CRPF Course for States Police

TOT, DM Course for States Police

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