Best Trg. Institution 2020 Internal Security Academy


Challenges to internal security of India are numerous. The extent and scope of threats are complex, varied and vast. No other country in the world confronts so many threats, with so much intensity, at the same time. Overall, more than 50 per cent of India is said to be affected by one or the other of these threats, which are not just ‘law and order’ problems. They have increasing external dimension falsifying conventional wisdom that internal security threats are caused mainly by internal sources.

CRPF is one of the prime Central Government organization entrusted with Internal Security. Today, CRPF is present in all the States of India, providing specialized support to the State police and civil administration in States. CRPF helps State Governments in maintaining law and order, maintaining communal peace, natural disasters in addition to issue of major conflicts such as militancy, terrorism, insurgency and all such issues of National Security.

To overcome multifarious internal security problems as mentioned in preceding para, it is urgently required for each security force to work in coordination and cooperation with each other.In such situation training on Internal Security Management and use of latest technology, equipment and Science becomes more important. CRPF has special responsibility to deal with such type of Internal Security problems and forces which are trying to destabilize the country and disturb the social fabric of nation. Due to assigned responsibilities and changed role of CRPF the importance of training to prepare its Officers for new challenges has become more important. ISA was earmarked as "Centre of Excellence” on subjects related to Internal Security in April 2002. ISA continues to conduct pre-promotional & in-service courses for CRPF officers and Internal Security & Vertical Interaction Courses for CAPFs, State Police, Armed Forces etc...

To enhance the coordination and cooperation Internal Security Academy is putting its conscious efforts to develop core competencies among the officers attending various courses, which encompass knowledge, skills and behavior. We are keeping track of latest trends in training and replicate and assimilate the same in our context as per need. Apart from our internal faculties we have been inviting eminent and experienced speakers having in depth knowledge on relevant topics of the courses.

In 2019 ,ISA conducted 11 courses as on 04/04/19 and trained 277 participants of  CRPF & other  forces.

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