Training and Sports Activities Training and Sports Activities

Training & Sports Activities

Achievement in Sports

CRPF wins All India Police Badminton Championship(AIPBC) consequtively in year 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Results - All India Police Athletic Championship 2005

Training & Sports Activities

Over the years CRPF has produced many outstanding sportsmen and athletes, who have brought great honour and appreciation both within the country and abroad.

There have been outstanding sportsmen like S/Shirr G S Randhawa, R.S.Bal and Hari Chand, in athletics, Khazan Singh, Raja Ram Tokas and Radhakrishanan in swimming and lately Ms. Kunjarani Devi, Jeevan Jyoti Manitombi Devi and Neelam Laxmi in weight lifting Insp. Ragzen Angmo in Marathons.

In open Athletics Championship 1998 at Calcutta, Insp Paramjit Singh secured Gold Medal in 400 meter race with new National Record and broke 38 years old record of flying Sikh Milkha Singh. He also secured a silver medal in the Relay team and bronze medal in 400 meters in 13th Asian Games at Bangkok in 1998. Insp. Jincy Philips also bagged the silver medal in 4 x 400 meter relay. CRPF Mahila Athletic team won team championship during 47th All India Police Athletic Meet 1998. CRPF Hockey team won the Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Cup 1998.

C. R. P. F. Diamond Jubilee Mountaineering Expedition Tomount Sri kailas (6932 mtrs), may-2000

Training & Sports Activities

After successfully conducting a chain of adventure .sports including an expedition to Mount Jogin - I (6456 Mtrs.) and Jogin-3 (6116 Mtrs. ), CRPF launched an expedition to Mount. Sri Kailas (6932 Mtrs) in Garhwal Himalayas to mark the culmination of Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Force. The expedition was flagged off by Shri Kamal Pande IAS. Union Home Secretary on 24/4/2000 at Dte.Genl. CRPF by presenting the National Flag and CRPF Flag to the expedition leader. The expedition which comprised of 16 members included 5 Gazetted Officers and 11 other ranks . In this expedition for the first time 4 women including 2 Gazetted Officers participated. They were ably supported by one Medical Officer, one Nursing Assistant, 2 Radio Operators and one Cook.

Training & Sports Activities

Mount Sri Kailas ( 22737 ft) situated in Himalayan range of Garhwal region. is the second highest Peak which offers tremendous excitement to any Mountaineer. The Peak has unique pyramid shape and has mythological background as it is believed to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Though second highest in the region, it offers tremendous challenge to the Mountaineers due to its conical shape, long and difficult approach march. large glacier track with wide crevices and generally prevailing bad weather conditions over the Peak.

The CRPF Mountaineers having been flagged off on 24/4/2000 commenced their approach march from Gangotri. the road head , and having established 7 camps enroute finally reached the Summit Camp at an altitude of 21200 feet on 18.5.2000. The first attempt to scale the peak was made under the leadership of Sunand Kumar with 7 other members including 2 Mahilas namely Sima Tolia, Asstt.Comdt and Sukhla Das, Constable. Their first attempt had to be called off mid way due to extremely bad weather conditions and wide crevices enroute which could not be bridged

Undeterred, the team made second attempt on next day and at 0945 hours on 20.5.2000 they successfully planted the National tricolour and the CRPF Flag on top of Mount Sri Kailas.

Motivated by the success of first group, the second party under Shri B.C.Sharma, Dy.Comdt. with Indrani Yadav and 5 other Mountaineers moved from camp-3 to Summit Camp on the same day and successfully summited Mount Sri Kailas on 21.5.2000 at 1250 hrs. Thus CRPF was able to put 15 Mountaineers on top of Mount Shri Kailas.

Training & Sports Activities

The achievements of this successful Mountaineering Expedition included

(a) it is the culmination of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the CRPF .
(b) For the first time women members of the Force have participated in the expedition and 3 of them have successfully reached the Summit,
(c) The complete expedition has gone off without, any un-toward happening which goes to the credit of full preparation on the part of expedition team.
(d) The expedition has given tremendous confidence to the members to work together in difficult and challenging situations. This achievement will inspire the Force and motivate other members to take on challenging assignments with confidence.

The expedition has fulfilled its mission :

Adventure and Professionalism

Arjuna Awardees

S/No Name & Rank Arjuna Awardees
1 G.S. Randhawa Comdt (Retd) 5th place in 100M Hurdles at Tokyo Olympics,1962
2 Sh. Hari Chand, 2 I/C (Retd)

Gold Medal in Asian Games, 1962 in Decathlon. Participated in Montreal and Moscow Olympics in 1976 &1980.

3 Sh Khajan Singh, 2 – I/C

Two Gold Medals in Asian Track & Field meet, Seoul, 75. Participated in Seoul Olympics, 1988.

4 Sh R.S.Bal,2,IC

Silver medal in Asian Games held at Seoul in1986.
Bronze Medal in Asian Track and Field Meet – 1975 – at Seoul.
Gold Medals in SAF Games Karachi in 1989 and Lahore in 1976.

5 Ms N. Kunjarani Devi,AC

2 Gold, 19 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals in World Championships.
2 Bronze Medals in Asian Games 1990 and 1994.
2 Gold, 13 Silver and 5 Bronze medals in Asian Championships.
1 Gold Medal in Commonwealth Game in 1988
1 Silver medal in World Championship,99 held at Australia.
Awarded Rajiv Gandhi Khel RatnaAward,1995&96
1 Silver Medal in Asian Championship, 2000 held at Osaka , Japan
2 Gold, 1 Silver medal in Senior Asian weight lifting Champion ship held at Jeonju (Kocca) from. July. 12/07/2001

6 Mrs N. Laxmi, Insp

3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in World Championship at China and Taiwan in 1995&1997
Bronze medal in Asian Games at Hiroshima during 1994.
1 Gold Medal in Commonwealth championship, 99

7 Sh Khajan Singh, 2 – I/C

One Gold and two silver medals in athletics events in world police & fire games 1995, at Australia.
3 gold medal in athletic events in world police & fire games ’97 held at Canada.
Two silver medals in SAF Games, 95 held at Chennai.
One silver and one bronze medals in Asian Games ’98 held at Bangkok.
Participated in Sydney Olympic, 2000.
Made a new National record in 400m. with the timing of 45.56 sec.
2 Gold, 2 Silver medals in world Police & Fire Games held at Indianapolis, USA from June 8-16, 2001.

8 Insp (M) Sonamaca Chanu

One Gold medal in Common Wealth Wt. Lifting Championship ’98 held at Naruru.
One gold medal in commonwealth championship ’99.
One gold medal in world police for games – 99.
2 Silver and on bronze medal in Asian WT. Lifting championship.
3 Gold medals in Asian WT. Lifting championship held at Japan from 02/05 to 08/05/2000.
Participated in Sydney Olympic - 2000

Indira Gandhi Award For 1985- Shri Khajan Singh,Comdt(Swimming)
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna For 1996-97- Ms.N.Kunja Rani Devi,Ac(Wt.Lt)Tata Birla Award For 1996-97- Ms.N.Kunja Rani Devi,Ac(Wt.Lt)

The brief performance of CRPF Sports teams during the year 2002 (w.e.f. 1/4/2002 to 31/03/2003) are tabulated below

Discipline International Events National Events Aip Meets
Athletics(Men & women)
02 04 01
08 13 18
13 12 14
Swimming(Men & women)
04 06 -
34 38 21
16 07 07
Judo(Men & women)
- - 01
12 16 14
01 - 01
Hand Ball
- - -
- - -
01 - -
- - 01
- - -
01 - -
Taekwondo(Men & women)
04 - -
- - 01
08 08 04
Weight Lifting(Men & women)Wrestling
- - -
06 06 03
02 01 04
Cross Country
- 03 01
13 10 11
- - -
13 19 11
13 19 11
- 03 -
Kayaking & Canoeing
02 01 03
10 08 08
01 06 10
- - -
06 09 07
05 03 -
- - -
- - -
01 02 -
- - -
01 07 -
- 01 -
Brass Band
- - -
- 01 -
- 01 -
Water Polo
- - -
09 03 04
- - -



The following Sports Personnel of CRPF represented in various International Competitions held during the period from 1/4/2002 to 11/3/2003

Sr. No. Name Sports
1 Miss. N.Kunjarani Devi, A/C Wt. Lifting
2 Insp(M) Th. Sanamacha Chanu Wt. Lifting
3 Insp (M) Pratima Kumari Wt. Lifting
4 Insp (M) N. Laxmi Wt. Lifting
5 Ct(M) Sunaina Wt. Lifting
6 Ct (M) Prasmita Mangaraj Fp
7 Shri T.S.Dhillon, ADIGP Shooting
8 Insp Vikash Pandey Gymnastic
9 SI Mayank Srivastava Gymnastic
10 SI Mohit Yadav Gymnastic
11 Insp Rohit Yadav Gymnastic
12 SI VIkash Tomer Volley ball
13 SI Kuldeep Singh Kabaddi
14 SI Manpreet Singh Kabaddi
15 Insp Akram Shah Judo
16 SI Vikram Solanki Judo
17 SI Brojeswari Devi Judo
18 SI Y. Landhoni Devi Judo
19 CT(M) Anita Chanu Judo
20 HC(M) Th. Rani BalaDevi Taekwondo
21 Shri Paramjit Singh , A/C Athletics
22 Insp T.M. Sajeev Athletics
23 Insp(M) Jincy Philips Athletics
24 Insp(M) Geeta Manral Athletics
25 I nsp(M) Majima Kurakose Athletics
26 SIM)_Seema Antil Athletics
27 Insp Rakesh Kumar Patel Wrestling
28 SI Narender Singh Wrestling
29 Sajjan Pal Wrestling
30 HC Ved Pal Wrestling
31 HV Jai Bhagvan Wrestling
32 Ct Satish Kumar Wrestling
33 Insp Deepak Kumar Singh Swimming
34 Insp Amar Murlidharan Swimming
35 Insp (M) richa Mishra Swimming
36 Insp (M) Charu Mishra Swimming

The Following Sports Personnel of CRPF participated in various International Sports Events held during 2000 were awarded "SPECIAL AWARD” during July’2001 by Ministry of Sports & Youth affairs Govt. Of India for their excellent performance.

Sr. No. Name Sports
1 Shri Paramjit Singh , A/C Athletic
2 Insp(M) Jincy Philips Athletic
3 HC(M)_Seema Antil Athletic
4 SI Chand Ram Wrestling
5 SI Narender Singh Wrestling
6 SI Sandeep Rathi Wrestling
7 Miss. N.Kunjarani Devi, A/C Weight Lifting
8 Insp.(M) Sanamacha Chanu Weight Lifting
9 SI Vikram Solanki Judo
10 CT(M) Tombi Devi Judo

Besides this, CRPF Star Weight Lifter Insp.(M) Sanamacha Chanu has awarded the legendary "ARJUNA AWARD” during Sept’2001 For the Year 2000.

Brief Achievements of Sports Personnel Room 01/01/2002 To Till Date

(a) Athletes

CRPF Athletic Team Participated 44th National Inter State Athletic Championship-04 held at Chennai from 18/7/04 to 20/7/04 and secured medals/position in the various event as mentioned against their names

Sr. No. Name Sports Rank
1 Insp(Mah) Saroj sihag 88Bn Discus Throw IInd Position
2 HC(Mah) Deepa Choudhry 88Bn Pole vault IIIrd Position

(b) Band

CRPF Band team Participated in 3rd All India Police Band Competition held at GC Pinjore w.e.f 10/03/2002 to 17/03/2002 and secured 2nd position in Brass & Pipe Band.

(c) Volleyball

SI Vikash Tomar of CRPF represented India in IV Asian Youth Volleyball Championship held at Vishakapatnam from 06/04/03 to 13/04/2003 and Indian Team secured Gold Medal in the above competition.

(d) Hand Ball

CRPF Hand ball Team represented Haryana State in Ist All Ch. Devi Lal Memorial Handball Tournament held at Kount Bhiwani (Haryana) from 12/1/2003 to 15/1/2003 and secured IInd position. CRPF Hand Ball team secured Ist position in 51st AIPG-02 held at Thiruvanathapram from 11/2/03 to 15/02/03. CRPF Hand ball participated in 31st Senior National Hand ball championship held at Bhilai (Chhatisgarh) wef 1/3/03 to 6/3/03 and secured IInd position.

(e) Kabaddi

CRPF Kabaddi Team participated in ALL India GVC Trophy-2004 Kabaddi Tournament held at Erode (Tamil Nadu) wef. 19/5/04 to 23/504 and Secured 2nd Position.

(f) Commonwealth Weightlifting (Men/Women)

02 Mahila and 01 Men CRPF total 03 weightlifters of CRPF represented the Country in the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship for Men and Women held at Malta from 25th to 28th june 2004 and secured medals as per details mentioned below against each

Sr. No. Name Weight


1 Insp(Mah) Nansita Devi -69 Kgs 03 Gold Medal
2 SI(Mah) Geeta Rani +75 Kgs 03 Gold Medal
3 SI(GD) Gurminder Singh -105 Kgs 03 Gold Medals

(h) Rowing, Kayaking & Canoeing

Rowing,Kayaking& Canoeing players of CRPF participated in 2nd All India Police Water Sports Championship held at port Blair wef 13/3 to 16/3/03 and secured following Medals

Sr. No. Achivements Nos of Medals
1 Silver Medal 02
2 Bronze Medal 06
Total 08

(h) Judo

CRPF (Men/Women) Judokas participated in Sr. National Judo Championship 04 held at Cuttak(Orissa) from 15th to 19th Feb 2004. CRPF women section secured 1st position and Men sectioned secured joint winner position with following medals

Medal Men Women Total
Gold 02 05 07
Silver 01 05 06
Bronze 02 03 05

(i) Hockey

CRPF Hockey Team participated in the DCM Shri. Ram hockey Tournament held at Kota (Raj) from 5/1/03 and secured 1st position.

(j) Wrestling

CRPF Wrestler participated in West Bengal State Wrestling Championship was held at Kolkata (W/Bengal) wef 17/2 to 20/2/04 and secured 05 Gold Medals.

(k) Kayaking, Canoeing & Rowing

Participated in 1st All India Police water sports 2002 Kayaking , Canoeing & Rowing Championship held at Chandigarh wef 26/4 to 30/4/2002 and secured 2nd position with 1 Gold , 4 Silver & 4 Bronze medals.

(l) Swimming

CRPF Swimmer s/DIVERS and Waterpolo Players (Men/Women) represented India Police team in Sr. National Aquatic Championship held at Kolkata w.e.f 17/9/03 to 22/09/03 and secured position and medals as per details given below

Gold Silver Bronze Medal Total
Men 06 04 10
Women 04 07 6 17


(a) Women Police w/Team Secured - II Position

(b) Men Police Team secured - IV Position

(m) Gymnastic

CRPF Gymnastic represented U.P state team 44th Sr. National gymnastic championship held at Mohali (Punjab) w.e.f 27/12/03 to 31/12/03 and U.P state team secured 1st position. Our Gymnasts secured following medals.

Gold Silver Total
04 08 10

(n) Body Building

CRPF Body Builders participated in 42nd Senior National Body Building Championship held at Belgam (Karnataka) wef. 24/01/03 to 26/01/03 and our Body Builders secured 5th and 6th place in the above competition.

(o) Karate

CRPF Karatakas participated in Sr.National A.I.K.Fa Championship held at Mumbai wef 22/3 to 31/3/03 and secured over all 2nd position with following medals

Gold Bronze Total
09 03 12

(p) Basket Ball

"HC/GD Suder Singh represented Delhi State Basket Ball team in Jr. National Basket Ball Championship-03 at Ludhiana w.e.f. 07/6/03 to 14/06/2003 and secured Silver Medal"

(q) Shooting

"CRPF Shooting Team participated in XXI Delhi State shooting competition held at New Dlhi w.e.f. 19/07/03 to 26/07/2003 and secured following medals"

Sr. No. Medals Nos. of Medals
1 Gold Medal 04
2 Silver Medal 03
3 Bronze Medal 03

(r) Football

CRPF Football team participated in 7th All India Mustaq Memorial Foot Ball tournament held at Srinagar wef. 7/6/04 to 18/6/04 and secured 2nd position.

(s) Kabaddi, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball

CRPF Kabaddi, Volleyball, Handball and Basketball Team participated in 52nd all india Police games 2003 held at Dharamshala (HP) wef 16/2 to 20/2/04. Our Kabaddi team secured IInd position (Silver Medal).

(t) Teak Wondo

SI(Mahila) Thoibinao Chanw of CRPF participated in the 16th Asian Teakwondo championship held at Seengnam City, Korea wef. 20/5/04 to 23/5/04 and Secured Silver medal.

(u) Computer Awareness Team

CRPF Computer awareness team participated in the 47th All India Police Duty Meet-03 held at Hyderabad from 11/6/04 to 15/6/04 and No. 911550889 SI(M) J.Balachandran, of IGP(Pers) Section,Dte.Genl, CRPF, New Delhi Secured Gold Medal.

Achievements of CRPF personnel in the common wealth Championship '2003 held at Tonga from 01/05/2003 to 03/05/2003

Weight Lifting

Name Weight Category Medal
Ms N. Kunjarani Devi A/C 48 KGs Gold
Insp Sanamacha Chanu 53 KGs Gold
Insp Sunaina 58 KGs Gold
Insp Pretima Kumari 63 KGs Gold
HC Sumati Devi 75 KGs Gold

S/No Event Achievements
1. Kabaddi CRPF Kabaddi Team participated in Swabhiman Sports Festival-03 at Delhi from 27/09 to 02/10 and secured second position.

2. Basketball CRPF Basketball Team participated in Swabhimaan Sports Festival-03 at Delhi from 27/09 to 02/10 and secured second position.

3. Handball CRPF Handball Team participated in Swabhimaan Sports Festival-03 from 27/09 to 02/10 at Delhi and secured first position.

4. Volleyball CRPF Volleyball Team participated in Swabhimaan Sports Festival-03 at Delhi from 27/09 to 02/10 and secured second position.

5. Rowing, Kayaking &Canoeing CRPF Rowing,Kayaking and Canoeing team participated in All India Police Water Sports Championship-03 at Srinagar from 27/09 to 30/09 and bagged 3 Silver and one Bronze medals.

6. Athletics 43rd National Open Athletics Championship-03 held at Bangalore and CRPF men baggad one Silver and two Bronze medals.

7. -DO- CRPF Athletes participated in Swabhimaan Sports Festival held at Delhi from 27/09 to 02/10 and bagged 5 gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

8. -DO- 43rd National Open Athletics-03 held at Bangalore from 28/09 to 30/09 and CRPF Mahila athletics bagged 1 Silver,1 Bronze medal.

9. -DO- CRPF Women Athletes participated in Swabhimaan Sports Festival-03 at Delhi from 27/09 to 02/10 and bagged 2 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze and overall 1st position.

10. Kabaddi CRPF Kabaddin Team participated in National Level Tournament organized by Shoukeen Sports Club at Chawla from 28/09 to 01/10/03 and secured first position. SI Vikas Kumar declared best player in this Tournament.

11. Football CRPF Football Team participated in 28th All India G.S.Memorial football tournament held at Nabha from 5/10 to 12/10 and secured 1st place.

12. Basketball HC Bijender Singh of Central Basket ball represented Junior Indian Team in International Invitational Basketball tournament held in Kuwait from 2/10 to 5/10/03 and secured third place.

13. Volleyball CRPF Volleyball Team participated in 4th DDA InvitationalVolleyball Tournament held at Harinagar Sports Complex Delhi from 15/10 to 17/10 and secured first position.

14. Rafting Ist Asian Rafting Championship held at Shivpuri, Uttaranchal w.e.f.8/10 to 9/10. Five players of Central Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing team secured IVth position

15. Judo Asian Judo Championship held at Jeju, Korea from 27/10/2003 to 02/11/2003. Insp Akram Shah and Insp (Mahila) A. Anita Chanu bagged Bronze medal each.

16. Swimming / Weight Lifting Ist Afro-Asian games held at Hyderabad from 24/10/2003 to 01/11/2003, sports personnel men & women participated in Swimming and Weight lifting and Athletics events and bagged 3 Silver, 3 Bronze in Swimming and 3 Bronze in Weight lifting

17. Football 7th All India Independence Cup-03 Mehar Cement Football Tournament held at Mehar (MP) from 12/10/to 19/10 and secured 2nd position.

18. Handball CRPF Handball Team participated in Sr. National Handball Championship held at Hindalco (UP) and secured fourth place.

19. Various National/AIP & International events CRPF Sports personnel in various National/AIP & International events from 1/5/2004 to 31/5/2004 as under

(i) CRPF Kabaddi Team Participated in All India Kabaddi Tournament held at N.C.L.Kakri,Distt. Sonbhadra(UP) wef.2/5/2004 to 4/5/2004 and secured first position.

(ii) SI(GD) Sandeep Dahiya of CRPF Participated in the 7th International championship Greco Roman & Free Style Wrestling Tournament held at Izmir(Turkey) from 21/5/04 to 23/5/04 and secured Gold medal in the tournament.

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