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Shri Ashok Prasad DIGP/Principal

This institution was raised vide MHA vide OM No. II.27012/17/2011-PF-III dated 23.05.2013. It is located in district Amethi (U.P) which is spread over 199.7 acres of land and this campus is co located with GC Amethi (U.P). This institution started functioning wef01.09.2014. Basic training of first batch of recruits started on09/10/2014 with484 recruits and out of 484 RTs total 437 RTs passed out on 16/10/2015 . Now, Second batch of 474 RTs is going on and has completed 23 week training. Primarily being a new training institution this institution had no basic infrastructure /accommodation. It was the endeavour of the team of officers led by Shri Ashok Prasad DIGP/Principal and trainers which led to errection of all the required basic training infrastructure i.e running track, standard obstacles, development of sports area which comprises almost all the games being played in CRPF. Training infrastructure like squad post, lecture post etc. has also been made available in very small time frame before commencement of training of 1st Batch

Location :- This institution is situated adjacent to the campus of GC Amethi (U.P) .

Climatically this Institution faces extreme temperature i.e. upto 3°C in winter and approx 50°C in summer season.

Basic Trg of RTs.
Institution Campus of GC Amethi (U.P) 1
Institution Campus of GC Amethi (U.P) 2

Contact us:-

DIGP(O)- 05368-233022

C/Room - 05368-233083

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