Central Training College (T & IT) CTC (T &IT)

Joining Instructions(CTC-T&IT) CRPF, Ranchi


These instructions are meant to briefly outline various administrativeaspects concerning you while on undergo course in CTC (T&IT).


The CTC(T&IT) i.e. Central Training College (Tele Communication andInformation Technology) is the premier training institution of Central Reserve PoliceForce.

The Central Training College (Telecom) was established at Neemuch on 04th August, 1970 to train Signal personnel required for the CRPF Communications set-up. The communication network of the Force at that time was very small and largely confined to HF Radio only. Initially, CTC (T) was designated to train only Operators and Technicians on basic courses only. Subsequently scope of the training was further enhanced as the college was assigned the responsibility to train all categories of operators, technicians and crypto operators on up-grading and specialized courses. From 1975, the college also took over the responsibilities to train GOs to convert them into Signal Officers.The Central Training College (Telecom) was established at Neemuch on04th August, 1970 to train Signal personnel required for the CRPF Communicationsset-up. The communication network of the Force at that time was very small andlargely confined to HF Radio only. Initially, CTC (T) was designated to train onlyOperators and Technicians on basic courses only. Subsequently scope of the trainingwas further enhanced as the college was assigned the responsibility to train allcategories of operators, technicians and crypto operators on up-grading andspecialized courses. From 1975, the college also took over the responsibilities to trainGOs to convert them into Signal Officers.

In December 1986, CTC (T) was shifted from Neemuch to Ranchi and thetwin offices of Signal Group Centre and CTC (T) were functioning under one commandtill April, 2006. During restructuring of the Force, Signal Group Centre wasdiscontinued and CTC (T) was renamed as CTC (T&IT) and started functioning asindependent training Institute with effect from 1st May’2006.

Radio Mechanic Grade-I (now SASI (Tech) cum Radio Mechanic) courseconducted by CTC (T&IT) has been recognized equivalent to 3 years Diploma in Radioand Communication Engineering by the Ministry of Human Resource Development(GOI).


CTC (T&IT) is now functioning as an independent Institution and has been organized into four faculties:

(1) Faculty of Communication Engineering,

(2) Faculty of Field Communication

(3) Faculty of Cryptology

(4) Faculty of Information Technology.

Each faculty is commanded by Officers of the rank of Deputy Commandant/Assistant Commandant. CTC (T&IT) conducts various courses, viz., basic courses, pre-promotional, promotional, computer courses and specialized courses at varied frequencies. We have well equipped labs and a rich library including e-library.


Sl. No.

Name of Officers



Sh. Amit Taneja, DIGP



Sh. R K Sahay, Commandant

Vice Principal


Sh. Amar Nath, Comdt



Sh. Manoj Kumar, 2 I/C



Sh. Kuldeep Singh, DC

DC (Adm), Officer Commanding, FFC


Sh. Sanjay Belwal, DC

Officer Commanding, FIT


Sh. Umakant Ojha, DC

Officer Commanding, HQR/MTO


Sh. Vimal Singh, DC

Officer Commanding, FCE


Sh. Girish Kumar, AC

Officer Commanding, FC


Sh. Lokesh Chowdhary, AC

Faculty Officer/ QM (Tech)


Sh. Ujjwal Kumar Singh, AC

Faculty Officer/ DC (Bldg)


The CTC(T&IT) is located at Ranchi. The exact location of the College is near Tiril Ashram which is adjacent to the Jagannath temple, Dhurwa. Hatia railway station is approximately at 7.5 kms. and Ranchi railway 12.5 kms. from this location. Ranchi is directly connected with Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai by broad gauge railway lines. Birsa Munda airport, Ranchi is about 9 kms. from this location.

Ranchi is a ‘B’ class city with approximately 2150 feet (651 feet) height from mean sea level. The town has moderately well established shops/malls which cater for normal requirements.


The detailed personnel are required to report at the college one day prior to the commencement of the course i.e. on 26/10/2017. Estimated Time of arrival of the candidates should be intimated in advance to control room; transport will be provided up to the barracks/dormitory where accommodation would be provided, if prior intimation is given. In case of any difficulty, the participants should contact Control Room, CTC (T&IT) at 0651-2600011/2601005. The campus of CTC (T&IT) is located approximately 7.5 KMs. away from Hatia railway station (NRS) and 12.5 KMs. from Ranchi railway station.Ranchi airport is located 9 KMs from the CTC (T&IT). Private transports like auto rickshaws and taxies are also available both at Hatia and Ranchi railway stations.


Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and the name Ranchi is derived from the previous name of the Oraon village at the same site, "Archi" this word was used for bamboo grove or staves. Ranchi lies at23°22′N 85°20′E /23.36°N 85.33°E . Ranchi is located in the southern part of theChhota Nagpur plateau, which is the eastern section of the Deccan plateau. Ranchi is known as the "City of Waterfalls" because of its numerous waterfalls, the most well known of which areDassam Falls,Hundru Falls,Jonha Falls,Hirni Falls andPanchghagh Falls. Ranchi has a hilly topography and its dense tropical forests a combination that produces a relatively moderate climate compared to the rest of the state. Its climate is the primary reason why Ranchi was once the summer capital of the undivided State of Bihar and was designated a preferable "hill station". Summer temperatures range from 20°C to 42°C, winter temperatures from 0°C to 25°C. December and January are the coolest months, with temperatures dipping to the freezing point in some areas. Its average elevation is 651m above sea level.


Your postal address during training at this College will be as under:-

Course Name and Sl. No.______________________


PO: Dhurwa, Ranchi - 834 004 (Jharkhand)

E-mail address –ctcit@crpf.gov.in

Contact No.- 0651-2600011/2601005sgccrpf@sancharnet.in


The branches of following banks are available at Ranchi :

i. State Bank of India

ii. Punjab National Bank

iii. Axis Bank

iv. ICICI Bank

v. Indian Overseas Bank

vi. Central Bank of India

vii. IDBI Bank

viii. Oriental Bank of Commerce

ix. Syndicate Bank

x. HDFC Bank/Allahabad Bank

Note: SBI ATMs are available in nearby area.


The college has a well stocked library including e-library and subscribes to various Technical Magazines. Trainees must take optimum use of library facilities, technical books will be issued to the trainees as per syllabus of the course.


The following documents are required in respect of trainee officers detailed for course:-

a) Movement/ Office Order.

b) Health Card

c) Identity Card

d) Return Journey Railway Warrant/ AEO

e) ATM Card for cashless payments

f) Passport Size Photo-03 Nos.

UNIFORM/ clothing

You are required to bring following items of clothing:-

a) Winter / summer uniforms

b) Beret and Peak Cap

c) PT dress (White t-shirt & Full Pant, Half Pant)

d) Formal dress with black shoes.

e) Camouflage dress for Outdoor Exercise


Trainee accommodation will be provided on sharing basis in training barracks/dormitories by training institution. Trainees are not permitted to keep their families with them during this period. The messing will be arranged in trainee messes as per your rank and status.

Canteen Facilities

CPC Master/subsidiary canteen and Wet Canteen facilities are available within the campus. Items of daily needs are easily available in the campus area.


You are advised to bring your own racket if interested and the following games are played in CTC (T&IT).

a) Volley Ball.

b) Foot Ball.

c) Basket Ball.

d) Cricket

e) Badminton

f) Table Tennis


A 20 bedded, well equipped hospital and medical officers are available within the campus of CTC (T&IT).


No leave will be granted during the course except on extreme compassionate grounds strictly as per norms/guidelines.


The climate of Ranchi is neither very hot nor very cold but moderate. It is considered to be semi hill station. Afternoons are hot during summer and evening/nights are quite pleasant. The rainy season is from June to September. During the winter months i.e., November to March, warm clothing is required.


All personnel are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. The participants should strictly adhere to the orders / regulations of the college. Consumption of liquor, playing cards, Gambling, lending or borrowing of money are strictly forbidden. Also plastic items/ carry bags are prohibited in the campus.


The trainees who do not conform to the laid down qualities requirements and are found unable to assimilate the subject of the course are liable to be returned to their units. The trainees who are unable to cope up with the training shall be returned to their units. Trainees found lacking in discipline will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, withdrawal from the course and returned to their respective units.


On completion of the subject course, the trainees will be dispersed to report to their respective units/establishment.


All trainees will have to submit a clearance certificate to SM on termination of the course.

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