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It is my proud privilege to be heading the North East Zone-one of the most colourful and environmentally rich regions of this great country. Each of the Seven(7) States of this region, while sharing the common thread of ethnicity also have insurmountable differences which is reflected in the unstable internal security scenario. Insurgency in this region involves multiple armed factions, some demanding separate State, while others seek regional autonomy. Some of the extreme groups demand complete independence. These groups apart from indulging in internecine killings also indulge in rampant attacks upon security forces. They have the advantage of operating in an extremely inhospitable terrain, which is geographically isolated from the rest of India and is tenuously connected through the narrow "Chicken’s neck” or the Siliguri Corridor. The unstable internal security scenario of the NE Zone is compounded by an unfriendly neighborhood, where these criminal groups find harbour and support in the form of easy availability of clandestine weapons.

Apart from the problem of insurgency, North East is also facing the wrath of human trafficking; drug addiction; HIV; counterfeit currency; poverty and unemployment etc. These issues accentuate the gravitating of marginal criminals to crime syndicates and mafia, which has links with militant groups. Narco-terrorism is also a hallmark of the region, especially in Manipur and Nagaland, where the local population has been inundated with cheap narcotic substances smuggled through the porous Myanmar border i.e. the "Red Triangle”. The issues have been successfully tackled by the NE Zone.

The combined hard work of our officers and men has helped, the CRPF to face these myriad problems with professionalism. Our contribution to nation building and bringing about stability and peace, which are the pre-requisites of development, has been lauded not only by the State Governments but also civil society. People want peace and the CRPF in the NE Zone is helping them in this quest.

 The achievements in this vital region would not have been possible without the support from our superior formations. I take this opportunity to personnel and their families too for stoically bearing the sacrifices by their near and dear ones. It is the CRPF which truly represents the united and strong India in these momentous times.


Shri. MD. Jawed Akhtar,IPS

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