a. Directly Appointed To Gazetted Officers (DAGOS).

            1. Academy is importing Basic Training to DAGOs

            2. 52 weeks of training (including 02 weeks Mid-term break)

            3. Since 2006 training of 12 batches conducted (37th to 48th Batch)

            4. This Academy has so far trained 1607 Nos of DAGOs

            5. Presently 02 batches (49th & 50th)  86 officers are under going basic training.

B. Departmantly Enlisted Gazetted Officers (DEGOs)

           1. Since 2006 training of 5 batches conducted (6th to 10th Batch)

           2. This Academy has so far trained 229 Nos of DEGOs

C. Medical Officers Combatisation Course

          1. Training of 2 batches conducted (39th to 40th Batch)

          2. This Academy has so far trained 37 Nos of MOs

D. Training of Trainers (TOT)

        1. Training of 6 batches conducted (1th to 6th Batch)

        2. This Academy has so far trained 159 Nos of Officers

E. Other Course in CRPF Academy Sponsored by BPR&D

        1. ATA 7420 – Police leaders role in combating terrorism (PLRCT) wef 2nd to 13th May, 2011.

        2. FPU – wef 7th Nov to 16th Dec, 2011. (participants from 22 countries)

        3. ATA 7707 – Critical Incident Mangment (CIM) wef 9th to 17th Jan, 2012.

        4. ATA 9672 – Major Case Management course wef 11th to 19th Feb” 2013

        5. ATA- 10807 - Preventing Terrorist Attacks on Bus & Rail Systems (PTABRS) Dec 9th to 18th,2015

         6. IRS 68th Batch - Handling of Fire Arms,PT,Drill & Unarmed Combat wef 13th to 25th Feb,2017

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