CRPF Acedemy CRPF Academy

a. Directly Appointed To Gazetted Officers (DAGOS).

            1. Academy is importing Basic Training to DAGOs

            2. 52 weeks of training (including 02 weeks Mid-term break)

            3. Since 2006 training of 10 batches conducted (37th to 46th Batch)

            4. This Academy has so far trained 1490 Nos of DAGOs

            5. In current batch(47th) 90 officers are under going training

B. Departmantly Enlisted Gazetted Officers (DEGOs)

           1. Since 2006 training of 5 batches conducted (6th to 10th Batch)

           2. This Academy has so far trained 229 Nos of DEGOs

C. Medical Officers Combatisation Course

          1. Training of 2 batches conducted (39th to 40th Batch)

          2. This Academy has so far trained 37 Nos of MOs

D. Training of Trainers (TOT)

        1. Training of 6 batches conducted (1th to 6th Batch)

        2. This Academy has so far trained 159 Nos of Officers

E. Other Course in CRPF Academy Sponsored by BPR&D

        1. ATA 7420 – Police leaders role in combating terrorism (PLRCT) wef 2nd to 13th May, 2011.

        2. FPU – wef 7th Nov to 16th Dec, 2011. (participants from 22 countries)

        3. ATA 7707 – Critical Incident Mangment (CIM) wef 9th to 17th Jan, 2012.

        4. ATA 9672 – Major Case Management course wef 11th to 19th Feb” 2013

        5. ATA- 10807 - Preventing Terrorist Attacks on Bus & Rail Systems (PTABRS) Dec 9th to 18th,2015

         6. IRS 68th Batch - Handling of Fire Arms,PT,Drill & Unarmed Combat wef 13th to 25th Feb,2017

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