01.    On 06/10/2016, two IEDs (weighing aprox. 10 & 25 kgs) were detected by troops on Gatta – Tadguda road and Gatta – Kothi road under PS Gatta. One of these IEDs had been planted under a banner to target security forces.

02.    During Community Policing Programmes conducted from Oct’ 2016 to Dec’ 2016, in southern parts of Distt. Gadchiroli, villagers surrendered 55 country made guns before CRPF & State Police.


03.   On 27/12/2016, an IED (weighing aprox. 13 kgs) was detected by troops near village Medpalli, PS Bhamragarh, Distt. Gadchiroli. The IED was found planted under a culvert on Medpalli – Perimilli road to target security forces.


04.   During Community Policing Programme on 12/02/2017, villagers of village Godalwahi, Godalwahitola, Kupaner, Tiranpar surrendered 23 country made guns and 13 barrels before CRPF & State Police under PS Dhanora, Distt. Gadchiroli.


05.    On 21/02/2017, troops of CRPF and the State Police arrested two listed Maoists of Kasnsur LOS and Platoon No. 3 of CPI (Maoist) from Reknar area under PS Kotmi, Distt. Gadchiroli. 





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