Special Sector M. P. Sector


  1. On 15/04/15, " C " level Area domination/Jungle Search operation on the basis of own int in put carried out by the troops of D/123 under command Shri Rajesh Kumar sharma, Asstt.Comdt. alongwith BDD Squad of Distt- Balaghat (MP) and state police elements under overall supervision of Shri Narender singh, DC (Ops) in the forest area of Chotigondi under P.S. Raphjar, Distt-Balaghat, (MP) and recovered following explosive material dumped near a Nallah in Choti Ghondi Jungle area under P.S.-Rupjhar, Distt- Balaghat (MP). Details are as under :-
    01. Light yellow High Grade Explosive Powder - 600 Gms
    02. Super power-90 Gelatin Rod (Size-22 Cm) - 02 Nos (each weighing 125 gms)
    03. Electric Detonator with red & white colour wire - 02 Nos (each wire 6 feet length ).
    04. 12Volt Black Battery - 01 No
    05. Red and white colour Electric Wire (Approx) - 100 feet.
    06. Aluminum Container (Weighing about 05 Kgs) - 01 No.

  2. On 09/06/15 during Int. based "C” level Area domination / Jungle search operation conducted by the troops of A/B-123 in the forest areas of Palagondi, Matte, Kadla Pahad and Harranala under PS Rupjhar Distt. Balaghat (MP), recovered a buried dead body /skeleton of one Naxal namely Teeju @ Ram Lal Yadav, who died in an encounter on 26/05/2012 in the forest area of Palagondi, Pachamadadar and dead body of slain naxal was taken away by the Naxal and later on they buried dead body in the forest area of Kadla Pahar. The buried dead body has been unearthed and further skeleton has been taken by State Police for further investigation.

  3. On 26/06/15 at about 2000 hrs during Mobile Patrolling / Naka duty conducted in Palvati area under PS Garoth, Distt. Mandsore (MP) by the troops of B/123 which was deployed for bye-Election duty in Garoth, Distt. Mandsore w.e.f. 22/06/15, stopped and checked 03 unknown personnel Namely (1) Meharban Singh S/O Bhuwani Singh age about 22 years (2) Babu S/O Shyam Lal age about 21 Years (3) Mahesh S/O Kallu Ram who were riding on Motor Cycle No. MP-14-MH 2568 and recovered 02 - Country made Pistol, 02 - Magazine and 02 live Rounds form the above persons. The apprehended persons along with the above recovered items handed over to PS-Garoth on 26/06/15.

  4. On 04/09/2015 during the own Int based Area domination/searching Operation in the forest area between Villge Mate and Palagondi under POP Sonewani, P.S. Rupjhar, Distt – Balaghat (MP), Troops of G/123, Unit BDD Squad and State Police element of Distt-Balaghat under overall supervision of Shri Narender Singh, DC (Ops), have been made following recoveries which are found dumped in a steel container in soil beneath the tree between the forest area of Vill Mate and Palagondi at 100 meter left sides of the Palagondi road. (1) Light brown Explosive-01.250 Kgs, (2) Black & brown mixed Explosive - 01.150 Kg, (3) Electric Detonator- 01 Nos, (4) Non- Electric Detonator - 02 Nos, (5) Fuse approx.0.4 Inch long - 01 Nos, (6) 12 Volt Battery- 01 Nos, (7) Electric Wire Red & white colour - 50 feet, (8) Steel Container 01 Nos, (9) Naxal Literature- 02 wet pages.

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