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"Power through pursuit of knowledge” is the sole objective of this Academy. The Academy endeavours to impart professional knowledge, inculcate skills and attitudes and develop values and norms enabling them serve the nation better.


Situated at a height of 1220 meters it is known as ‘The Hill of Wisdom’ or ‘Saints Pinnacle’. Important Rajput and Jain pilgrimage centres are located here. Dilwara Jain Temple constructed between 11th and 13th century is a marvel in white marble. Nakki Lake is believed to have been dug by the Gods with their nails. ‘Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Centre’ is located in this city. Besides there are a number of temples, sight seeing places, gardens and picnic spots.


The Internal Security Academy (ISA) was established at Mount Abu (Rajasthan) on 1st February 1975 after shifting of the Central Police Training College (later rechristened, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy) to Hyderabad. ISA took over all properties from NPA which were either hired or owned by CPWD. The Abu Lawrence School Campus (4.5 Acres), which houses the main Academy Campus, was purchased by CRPF in 1979.  


Constructed in 1849, Abu Lawrence Asylum was founded by Major General H.M. Lawrence, K C B (Agent to the Governor General in Rajputana from 1855 to 1857) and later converted to Abu Lawrence School in 1854. He died on 4th July 1857. According to his last Will, the Abu Lawrence School was dedicated to East India Company where he served for over 35 years. The school building including out offices was built at a cost of Rs. 10, 000/-. Primarily, the school was to provide refuge and vocational education to orphans and soldiers children in a good climate.

"Never Give In” was the motto of the school. The Abu Lawrence School was a co-educational institution providing accommodation to 48 boy and 32 girls and was partly maintained by imperial funds and partly from private subscription fees and interests on endowments. The managing committee comprised of the Government General’s Agent (The Resident) of West Rajputana State, the Superintending Engineer, the Chaplain of Abu, the Commandant of Sanitorium, Officer Commanding of the Station Hospital and Magistrate of Abu. Inspector of European School of Bombay and Central India used to visit the school periodically. The staff comprised of a Head Master, a school Mistress and three Assistant Masters. Children between the age of five and twelve were admitted and withdrawn at age of sixteen.

Children of pure European parentage used to get precedence over those of mixed parentage for admission in the school. Donors could nominate children for admission.  Proportion of their donation’s fee structure was in accordance with the ranks in Army. No fees were charged from pensioned soldiers. The child’s baptism certificate was essential for admission to the school. For withdrawal, 14 days advance notice was essential.

After the First World War (1914 – 1918) East India Company took care of education of the wards of old boys of Abu Lawrence School who died during the war. On 15thSeptember, 1948 a training college for Indian Police Service Officers was set up at Mount Abu.  Initially, the college was housed in Army Barracks. Abu Lawrence School was closed on 30thDecember 1950.        

The premises of the school building were acquired for housing its offices, class rooms, library and Rajputana Hotel Estate for its officers mess. After the shifting of Central Police Training College in its rechristened version as SVP National Police Academy to Hyderabad, the Central Reserve Police Force took over the complex to establish the Internal Security Academy on 1st February 1975.


The primary mission of the Internal Security Academy is to prepare officers with right attitudinal orientation for the police organizations and other services for their assigned tasks and responsibilities with uprightness, dedication and a strong commitment of service to the people. The Academy will aim at quality training with total quality management of the Institution. It will endeavor to inculcate in the trainees, professional knowledge and skills, attitudes values and norms which would enable them to serve the nation better. The Academy will be a "Centre of Excellence" for training and research in various fields and will bring responsiveness, commitment, awareness, infusion of scientific temper and accountability.

The Academy shall be using various strategies to sensitize its trainees to the fast changing social, political and economic milieu, and will inculcate respect for human rights, broad liberal perspective of law and justice, high standards of professionalism, physical and mental alertness and specialization in various fields. The academy will be focal point for training officers of C.R.P.F., Central Police Organizations, Indian Police Services and other Central / State Police Services who have to deal with internal security challenges. It seeks to create an ideal training environment and sensitization to socio-economic and political environment. The Academy will adapt itself to the changing needs of the trainees and will expand its resource base through tie-ups with other training institutions and academic centers in and outside the Country. The Academy will play a pro-active role by imparting a correct vision and right ethical values to its trainees. The Academy will have the quest for true inspiring excellence in training and research.


Internal Security Academy has following roles:-

(i)    To act as a premier National level Academy for organizing internal security courses for all State Police and Central Police    Organisations.

(ii)     To act as an apex training centre for Central Reserve Police Force and to organise various in-service courses for Gazetted Officers of the CRPF and other Central Police Organisations.

(iii)  To act as a national level Academy for conducting training programmes for senior level police officers/officers of Central Police Organisations and other organisations as may be decided by the Govt. of India from time to time.

(iv)   To act as ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the matter of Internal Security and to organize and arrange research and development on variousPolice subjects.

(v)     To act as a store house of case studies on various Internal Security and other allied subjects.


 Internal Security Academy was set up with the following objectives:-

(i)        To organize Internal Security Courses and Seminars for various level officers of

         Central Police Organizations, State Police and also the Executive Magistrates.

(ii)         To run in-service courses for Gazetted Officers of the  CRPF.

(iii)        To run combatisation course for Medical Officers of CRPF.

(iv)        To run basic course for Departmental Entry Gazetted Officers of the CRPF

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