Shri Ajay Kumar Yadav

Shri Ajay Kumar Yadav


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Northern Sector Northern Sector

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           The adm jurisdiction covers 02 ranges,03 GCs,17 Units which also include SDG & PDG







v Northern Sector CRPF came into existence on 1st February, 1972.


v Initial jurisdiction over Srinagar, Delhi and Ajmer ranges.


v Re-organized from time to time in conformity with the administrative and operational requirements.


v The present ADM jurisdiction covers 02 Ranges,03 GCS &17 units which also include SDG & PDG


v Out of 16 Adm units & 02 Group,04 units at J&K,04 units LWE, 2 Units, SDG,PDG and 05 VIP units deployed in Delhi


v Ops jurisdiction – Delhi & NCR.

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