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Central Police Canteen (CPC), is a Central Govt. Department under MHA, which came into existence on 18th Sept.,06,  with an aim to provide best quality consumer goods to CPF troops at cheaper rates. 

CPC comprises of Central Administrative Committee(CAC) with Addl. DG rank officer as chairman, 07 members with F.A. and Member Secretary to assist the CAC.  There is  a Purchase Committee headed by an Insp. Genl. rank officer, 06 members and Member Secy. to assist the Committee. The canteen system will have 111 Master Canteens & 829 Unit Canteens/Retail outlets to start with.  Till allotment of permanent accommodation, Central Office which is headed by a DIG(CEO-cum-GM),  is functioning at Block No.1,  CGO Complex,  Lodhi Road,  New Delhi-110003.

Functional modalities of CPC are as following: - 

(i)  CPC will organize Negotiation with firm & Purchasing Committee to fix the rates which will be conveyed to all Master Canteens.

 (ii) The Master Canteens will place demand to Manufacturers/Suppliers who are on approved list.

 (iii) On receipt of items/stores,  the stores will be inspected and the Line Committee will carry out verification and checking for breakage/deficiency(shortage) etc. 

(iv) The Subsidiary Canteens will lift the stores/items as per their demand from the Master Canteens after making cash payment of demanded stores.  

(v)  Stores will be sold to force personnel as per directions and laid down instructions. 

Major stores to be sold through CPC will fall under following categories:- 

(a)  Toiletries & Cosmetics of all range.

(b)  Kitchen wares, Insulated Wares, crockery, cutlery, utensils, Glassware and Plastic wares, Cookers and Accessories.

(c)  Electrical, electronic appliances, Refrigerators, TVs, ACs, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens & Music system,  water purifier,  RO system, invertors, handy camera, digital camera, sewing machines and other trendy items.

(d)  Cycles, Motor cycles, scooters, Mopeds, Cars.

(e)  Sports Goods, Luggage items & Hosiery items.

(f)  Time devices and watches.

(g)  Stationery items.

(h)  Beverages, Patent Food, Edible and Hydrogenated Oils.

(i)  Miscellaneous household requisites.

 All firms willing to get registered under CPC must fulfill following terms & conditions for becoming eligible:-

 (a)  Should be an Income Tax payee.

(b)  Registered under Factories Act (may be exempted at the discretion of the competent Authority in respect of Cottage industries

      and others of similar nature or of reserve category).

(c)  Small Scale Industries should be registered as a small Scale Industry.

(d)  Registered under State & Central Tax as per the existing rules from time to time.

(e)  Should possess Registration Certificate with regard to constitution of the firm as per the provision of existing Act.

(f) In the case of electrical and electronic gadgets, the products must confirm to BIS specifications. In other cases BIS/ISI

     specifications would be an added advantage.

(g)  In the case of food and edible products,  they should have 'AGMARK/FPO' stamp. The products would be got tested in Composite Food Laboratories (CFL). CPC will take final decision on the basis of the report given by CFL.





 Registration form which is available on canteen website as well as Central Office, can be down loaded/purchased for Rs.1000/-.  In addition, firm shall have to pay an amount of Rs.5,000/- (non-refundable) as registration fee.  Amounts can be paid in cash as well as through Bank Drafts, payable to the "CEO-cum-GM, CPC" and payable at "SBI, Lodhi Estate", CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-03. 

         Clientele of CPC which comprises of serving personnel and their families, serving and family members of all the state police departments who get themselves registered with the CPC. Estimated clientele is approx. 50 lacs with the joining of State Police personnel in addition to CPOs.





Sh. R.K Singh, DIG

Chief Executive Officer-Cum-Genl Manager,


Central Police Canteen of CPFs,

Ground Floor,

CRPF HQrs, Block No.1

CGO Complex,

Lodhi Road

New Delhi 110003