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Salient Features of the Act governing CRPF

            The CRPF is governed by the CRPF Act 1949 (Act No. LX VI of 1949) published in Gazette of India Extraordinary part IV dated 30.12.1949 and received the ascent of the Governor General on 28th December,1949. The objective of this Act is to provide for the constitution and regulation of an Armed Central Reserve Police Force. The Suprme Court of India has dealt with some aspect of this Act in-re Akhilesh Prasad Vs Union Territory of Mizoram (AIR 1981 S.C 806). The Act consist of 19 sections in all.  Section 4 deals with appointment and powers of superior officers. The Central Govt. is the administrative ministry for the CRPF.

  1.     Needless to say that discipline is the backbone of any uniformed Force. Ensuring  proper discipline   through judicious exercise of powers help us to achieve good morale in the Force. In CRPF  the following kinds of disciplinary actions are taken depending upon the merits of each case:-

    1. Departmental Enquires: These are  conducted under section 11(1) of CRPF Act 1949 read with rule 27( c)   of CRPF Rules 1955, and the instructions issued from time to time.

    2. Orderly Room: Unit Orderly Room is  held once weekly or as required, except on Thursday, at the time to be notified in Force Order u/s 11(3) of CRPF Act 1949 read with Rule 32 of CRPF Rules 1955.

    3. Judicial Trial :  Judicial Trials are held u/s 9 and 10 of CRPF Act 1949 read with Rule 36 and Rule 36(E) to (J) of CRPF Rules 1955. Judicial Trial is conducted u/s 10 and method of trial is that of conducting 'Summons Trial' as contained under Cr.P.C, 1973. Powers have been given to all the officers of the rank of Commandant and equivalent rank as per the details given under notification No. J.II-9/74-ADM-GPA-I(MHA) dated 25.1.78 New Delhi 110001.

    4. Penal recoveries are also affected u/s 13( c) of CRPF Act 1949 and collective fine u/s 14 of the CRPF Act 1949. Section 15 the Act deals with power to keep a member of the Force under open or close arrest.

  1. Departmental enquiries are preceeded by a Preliminary enquiry (para 6.6 and 6.7 of Establishment Manual CRPF and Standing Order No 5/2000 dated 5/6/2000) or Court of Inquiry (para 3.21 and 6.1 to 6.5 of the establishment Manual CRPF) as the case may be.

  2. Suspension: The authority empowered to order suspension of the member of the Force are detailed under Rule 27(A) and (B) of CRPF Rules 1955.

  3. Appeal, Revision, Petition:  Rule 28,29 and 30 of CRPF Rules 1955 deals with Appeal, Revision and Petitions respectively.

            These Rules deals with various aspects like general powers of superior officers, composition of the Force, Organisation of a Battalion, Training, Discipline, Rules regarding Judicial Trial, Internal management, Pay and Allowances, Rules for promotion, Rules and Regulation for recruitment, Appointment and other conditions of services etc.

  4. A member of the Force also enjoys certain police power which have been given vide notification No. J.II-9/74-Adm(Pers-II) GOI-MHA, New Delhi 110001 dated 27.7.76. These include power under sections 41(1), 46, 47, 49, 51(1), 52, 74, 102, 129, 131, 149, 150, 151, 152, Of CrPC.

  5. Legal protection against prosecution is available to a member of the Force for lawful action taken by him in the course of official duties as per section 17 of the CRPF Act 1949. Protection against arrest is  available u/s 45 of Cr.P.C 1973 for acts done or purported to have been done in discharge of official duties. Section 132 Cr.P.C 1973 deals with protection against prosecution while section 197 of Cr.P.C 1973 deals with prosecution of judges and public servants.

  6. The role of the Force has been mentioned in the 'Blue Book' issued by MHA read with 'Operational Hand Book' issued by Ops.Directorate and is also governed by various Circular Orders and Standing Orders issued from time to time. In essence the role of the Force is to:-


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